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  1. I think so... cheers. It was definitely the ugly one though... pre 'mainstream bass or guitar looking' body version. I hate it when people use the word "rare" in their descriptions though... just means I'll be paying over the odds and if and when I actually get one... I'll probably hate it. All good though... thanks You have no idea just what search terms I've used not to find this little bugger..!
  2. Oh... my... f^&*ing... God... that might just be it...!! Thanks... I'm might be going shopping..!
  3. For the money? You won't beat a T-Bone but for versatility... Rode... every time..! I use a Rode mic to record my acoustic as it's simultaneously DI'd (I like the possibility to add more real live room) and its crisp! Just make sure your cat's not about. I used to use the same setup for a double bass but now I use A Zoom H6 for that as it means I don't have to carry it upstairs. The Zoom has a nice set of mics.
  4. Okay... apologies if this is in the wrong place but I honestly don't know where it belongs... Years and years ago... in The Bass Place. Nun Street... the home (as you will know) of one Howard and one Pete... I played the smallest bass I ever played or even saw. It was a tiny thing (I'm guessing a scale of no more than 18-20"?) with big big tubular rubber strings and a fretless fingerboard with 'painted' markers which were (in my mind now) no distance apart at all... it was a nightmare and truly hideous (I'm talking a badly designed Aria/Pignose) but... for some reason this popped into me head a couple of days ago and... I want one..!! Any clues as to what this ugly little monster might be would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. I think it's a bargain... even ignoring the plugs you might never use... I'll look at it from my home recording perspective. I doubt anyone like me is ever going to pay the full $4K but even looking at some of the other offers on the products page... like the restoration bundle (which is really useful)... and I love those 'old' Abbey Road 'analog' reverbs too... definitely worth looking at. Thanks.
  6. Hi... The spec adamg67 listed would be par... any laptop meeting that would do you. You'll basically become a fan of whatever DAW you first start using and if you pick up an, even cheap and cheerful, interface... it'll more than likely come packaged with a licence for one of the 'LE' versions of either Cubase or Ableton... they're more than enough for simple recording and editing of most tracks. Now... I'll be honest, I use Cubase on an iMac and occasionally use a MacBook Pro if I travel somewhere and my spec are way in excess of what I need... I run a ridiculous number of tracks though and even that can become 'plugin heavy' so a couple of tips you might bear in mind that will reduce the burden on any machine: 1. For monitoring back as you play etc... use the interface control panel to adjust the buffer size depending on if you are editing or recording (higher for editing than for recording). 2. Work from an external drive... that is... record and store onto a different drive than the drive your software is running from 3. If you get into using a lot of tracks, and I suspect you might once you have the home recording bug, learn a bit about using group and effects Busses. 4. Consider some (budget dependent) augmentations to your recording setup. I am more and more using the Zoom H6 to record things like a double bass, which it can easily handle simultaneous DI and Mic. It also fucntions as an audio interface quite nicely and comes bundled with, if I recall, Cubase LE and Wavelab LE licenses. Enjoy
  7. I guess I'm still a bass player... I suffer the pain of trying to record an annoyingly dynamic instrument anyway and in a variety of weird musical experiments. so... yeah... Hi.
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