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  1. I`ve bought Ken Smith from Ovi. Everything went nice and smooth. Bass came quicly, well packed, looks and plays great. (actually looks much better than on posted photos) I`m happy and I reccomend Ovi as a great guy to deal with. Thanks Ovi
  2. Bump. Let somebody take away this tempation 🙂
  3. Hi Thanks for kind words Yor `re right - That`s my bass on "gitarion" webstite. Im sure You know, Andrew is well known polish guitar expert and he documents interesting instruments serviced by his workshop. Indeed I `ve put that big sticker to prevent back from belt buckle. Unfortunately i remove it one gig too early .. :-( and made few little scratches. In my opinion G&L`s are very underrated basses. I dont know why..Maybe because relatively thick neck...? Its thick, but its comfortable and very stable. Anyway... I love it and selling it only to get money for boutique instument I dream of for years :-)
  4. Hello Bass family I`m selling my G&L L-2500 five string beauty. It`t a rare custom version with beatiful maple top and binding, made in US between 1997 and 2003 - according to G&L site customs were produced in 1997 but the serial number written on the back of the headstock. began with “CLF” which was used from mid-1998 on – so i`m not sure. As i remember I`ve purchuased it 2004 from USA. Some little dings and scratches. Frets in excellent condition. Everything works perfectly. I didn`t like the original jack input so it was chaget to gotoh plate with "open" type switchcraft input wchich is much more tight and safe when gigin. Netto weight: 4,6 kg = 10,2 lb Original Harshel case (in good condition - two legs missing) No trades, only sale. Cheers
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