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  1. My 2019 Player P purchased recently from @Sibob (thanks Si). Loving this bass so far; very comfortable to play and sounds excellent. I realise that this is quite subjective, but the neck feels wonderful – definitely the most comfortable I’ve tried – the profile is just right for me and the light, smooth finish is perfect for moving up and down easily. It sounded good with what I assume were the stock strings, brighter and punchier than I was expecting, but I’ve been flat-curious for a while now, so I stuck light-gauge Fender flats on it the other day. They feel nice but sound a little bit clanky, which I’m hoping a bit of determined playing-in will remedy in time. Also, look at that buttercream finish. Look at it.
  2. Bought a delightful Player P from Si. Good communication, convenient meet-up, nice bloke, bass as described in the ad. Thanks.
  3. I have always assumed that people who work on oil rigs weigh their basses with a sea miner scale. Sorry.
  4. What does this bass weigh please?
  5. I began attending a ukulele jam about three years ago as an excuse to get out of the house and down the pub on a school night. I soon realised that I wanted to do something more musically creative than strumming along to the same songs every week that had been forcefully shoe-horned into the key of C for ease of playing. I met our singest/harmonica/baritone player at the jam, we got on and he mentioned that he had a bass guitar at home that he had never bothered to learn to play, and he would happily lend it to me, along with a small combo, if I wanted to give it a go. I ummed, ahhed and procrastinated for about a year before taking him up on his offer. It soon became apparent that if I was to make any real progress I was going to need to begin playing with other people, so the singest, a drummer that we knew who also played guitar, and I got together for a couple of informal, beer-fuelled jams. A twenty-minute slot in a multi-act musical evening presented itself recently and we decided to go for it. It went pretty well, we enjoyed it and we’ve got a few future dates pencilled in off the back of it. To this day though not one of us has ever actually said “shall we form a band?” I’m assuming I’m in one, but not entirely certain.
  6. Thanks very much for the welcome, everyone. You seem like a good bunch.
  7. Thanks mate. Yes, the Revelation seems pretty good. I thought I'd be looking to upgrade by now, but I'm still quite happy with it. You can tell it hasn't been created in an artisan's workshop, but then again you could say the same about me.
  8. Woaaah there - one step at a time, my friend. With a bit more practice I could probably manage one and a bit gigs in a medium-ish room. If I'd have known I'd be put under so much pressure I would never have joined up, to be honest.
  9. Hello All. First picked up the bass last summer. Put it back down again. Picked it back up the right way around. Did my first gig (I say gig, we did a five song set to about 40 people in a small room in a working man's club) just over a week ago. When it was over I felt simultaneously relieved to have got through it and dying to do it again. I'm currently using a very budget set-up consisting of a Revelation PJ and a Rumble 25, which I'm pretty happy with for now, at least until the inevitable world tour requires me to buy a bigger amp. Thanks for having me.
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