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  1. No problem 😃 Im gonna add tabs for future videos like this as well.
  2. Hey Gang I did my first song lesson video for Green Day's "Father of All". I hope it helps you learn the song. Any feedback on how to improve future song lesson videos is more than welcome 😃 Green Day Father of All - Bass Lesson
  3. Hello back to everyone who has said hi 😊
  4. A Synth pedal eh? Never used one. I'll have to give one a go
  5. Nice!! I can imagine that would weigh a good 10-15lbs. I need to get me a Warwick. I can get the Corvette Basic left handed in a 5 string fretless. I'd like to get the 6 but fretless isn't an option on the 6 for lefties.
  6. Oh geez. Well if I could find a lefty version I think it would be a cool bass to own for sure 😃
  7. I wish I did!! I have asked for a few for Christmas . I'm sure I'll get at least one of them. I never really used FX for bass. I use my Boss GT8 on bass from time to time but I am going to build up a small pedalboard. Some sort of distortion for sure, compressor, chorus for sure. Others I may add would be a wah, delay, and a reverb. Not sure I would need anymore than that. What about you? Any pedals you would recommend?
  8. If it was left handed I would say it could be stored at my house!!! That thing is a beast!! That must have come from the custom shop i would assume.
  9. Hey gang!! New here to the site, as a registered user anyway. Not my first time on the site. I am a lefty bassist from Canada. I have been playing for 25 years. I run a YouTube channel for bass, home recording and more. I own 3 basses, a 4 string, 6 string and a fretless. I also own 2 Ampeg rigs. A SVT3Pro with a SVT 410HLF cab and a 1964 B15-N. And that is all I can think of to say off the top of my head.
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