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    • By greghagger
      I am interested in what video course topic you would most like to take to improve your playing. 
      Also, do you think online learning is a valid way to improve your bass playing? 
      Obviously face to face lessons with a teacher is the best way to learn, but I am aware that some people do not have access to this because of location, or finances.
      Let me know what you think. 

    • By greghagger
      Get your walking bass lines together with this video lesson. 
      I work through easy steps, to explain the theory behind how to create your own lines. 
      All the examples are written down, and you can download the PDF from the video description on YouTube. 
    • By Joe Hubbard Bass
      Hey Guys!
      Joe Hubbard here.  I wanted to start a new thread where people can ask me anything that's bass related.   I've been teaching for 38 years and have come up with many concepts which have been tested in many high-level professional scenarios- including studio work, tours and gigs while working with major artists and producers on both sides of the Atlantic.  All my concepts have been created with one goal- to be able to  function at high levels musically regardless of style.
      I'll do my best to answer as many questions that I can...so fire away!
      All the Bass!
    • By All thumbs
      I know these seem to be coming thick and fast lol, but I'm on catch-up.  This is the third and most up-to-date episode in my bass vlog series (published yesterday).
      It's a hotly debated subject but in this video I give my thoughts on it.
      Let me know your thoughts...
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