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  1. 17 minutes ago, sPiKi said:

    Subway 112 + 115 hits the spot for me. Been using that combo for a few years now and is very versatile and loud enough for pubs, clubs and weddings. Since moving to IEMs I have been taking the 115 along with me for a bit of oomph on stage. Whenever we get back gigging though after COVID both cabs will be coming out every night and put through their paces.



    Nice looking Reverends there.  I picked one up in a shop once, it was really light, felt like it was made of balsa wood.  

    The orange one looks interesting, half P bass, half Stingray.

  2. 22 hours ago, agedhorse said:

    Explain to me how it's possible for an amp to be so popular and well talked about (bragged about even) in Europe, yet have the reliability and support issues that are being discussed here?

    In the UK most MarkBass amps are priced in the mid range, more expensive than TC Electronic, Peavey and Hartke but considerably cheaper than Aguilar, Bergantino and your Mesa stuff.  I believe they are considered more up market in the US, perhaps due to their price?  I have a MarkBass amp but wouldn't brag about it, they aren't that good; it has good EQ points, fits on my cab and was on a deal.  If I had one of your new TT-800s though I'd certainly show off😉

    A friend of mine works in a backline/PA hire company in London, renting out kit for gigging bands in London of an evening and receiving it all back in the early hours (at least before Covid). In his experience the MarkBass kit was reliable as he saw few returns of faulty kit.  

  3. I found the source of the noise.  The handle!🙄

    I took the grille off again and continuously plucked fret 14 on the g string while running my fingers over bits of the cab, then back to the bass for another long pluck.  I started out with the eminence speaker but no joy and then went round everything until I got to the handle.

    The handle has seen better days, I don't think the previous owner looked after the cab so well.  The handle looks fine and is perfectly usable but its loose, so I have just found out, and at the appropriate frequency it vibrates against the two metal clips that hold it onto the cab.  As I mentioned above, it particularly likes the last A on the G string.  If I pull the handle up, so that the metal ends of the strap are tight against the two clips it doesn't make a sound.

    I shall send Alex another e-mail on Monday morning.

  4. I've been learning to play 'Limelight' by Rush for ages, never quite nailed it but I'm getting there.  I'm ok until the guitar solo then there are about 40 bars or so where Geddy Lee accompanies the guitar in B and I struggle with the memorising.  I have created 4 cheat bars in B that are close to what Geddy Lee plays and I repeat them from the bit I haven't memorised until just before the end where Geddy Lee repeats a riff from earlier in the song.  I haven't checked but I wouldn't be surprised if Geddy Lee improvised when playing live.

    I also use 'Goodbye Toulouse' by the Stranglers as a practice tool.  Its too fast for me in finger style but as JJB played it with a pick, I use it for pick practice.

    I'm also learning 'Smoke on the Water'.  All in G, not so difficult, just a question of memorising it.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, EBS_freak said:

    That may be the front surround suspension. They can become noisy and sound raspy as they vibrate. You'll be able to locate the area by playing the note and running your finger around the edge of the speaker. If you can make it stop, its a problem with the main driver, not the tweeter. It's a sneaky fault as it does sound tweeterish.

    Ta, I'll try that now.

  6. I acquired a Super Midget on E Bay just before Christmas.  It had a few knocks but it plays fine until you get up to the E and F and particularly further up, to 13th to 14th fret on the G string and above.  If I dig in on the Ab, A or higher I get a rasping/ringing sound coming out of the tweeter area.  The sustain on these notes is accompanied by this raspy ring.  The A seems to be the worst note for this.

    I contacted Alex about this just before Christmas and he thought it might be a cracked horn on the tweeter.  I ordered a replacement from him and installed it yesterday, same problem occurs.

    None of my other cabs have tweeters, so I'm not used to playing through one but I'm sure this isn't normal.

    I took the tweeter out and placed it on top of the cab, still with the spade connectors on the terminals and it still made a sound but it was not so loud.  I couldn't tell if the sound was coming from the tweeter or inside the cab, as there was just enough slack on the cable attached to it to place it on the top of the cab.

    Anyone got any ideas?


  7. 8 hours ago, stewblack said:

    You probably worked this out a long time ago, but just in case anyone else is as dim as me - when setting up these tests use a looper, record a good 20 - 30 seconds up and down strings and fretboard. 

    I literally only started doing it this way yesterday 🤦🏼‍♂️

    No more play, stop, reach over bass, fiddle with pedal, play, stop, reach over bass, fiddle with pedal repeat. 

    I'm a bit more dim than you.  I'm just starting to experiment with my compressor as I'm probably about to buy another and I want to get a better understanding of how they affect my tone and how I can tweak them.  The tip about using a looper might be obvious to some bright sparks out there but I'm as thick as pigsh*t.  

    Loopers can be great learning tools, I should use mine more.

  8. I just got the Geddy Lee DI-2112 for Xmas.  I wanted a warm slightly overdriven sound as an always on.  I can get this from the Hamstead subspace you can see on the board but I have this set for a cleanish fuzz sound (we cover Hysteria by Muse) and I don't want to be twiddling between songs, I just want to press down on the pedal and go.  I also wanted a DI.

    It took a little while with the blend knob on the Di-2112 and the parallel on the Hamstead Subspace to be able to switch between the two without the DI-2112 muddying the Subspace but I've worked out a way now.

    You may notice I have an Ampeg Optocomp, which up until I got the DI-2112 I liked but its baked in warm sound can have a muddying effect along with the DI-2112 and its a lot easier to get a decent tone with it switched off.  This might take a bit of further experiment but I may end up moving the compressor on and buying a more neutral or slightly brighter compressor.


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  9. On 26/12/2020 at 20:35, Billy Apple said:

    Anyone got this?

    Yes, Christmas present from wifey.

    I have spent a few hours with it, trying to get the tone I want on its own and interacting with the other pedals on my board but I'm not there yet.

    Due to the lockdown I haven't been to a rehearsal studio to play through a rig at decent levels so I haven't come to any conclusions yet but...

    There are 2 channels.  The 'deep' channel has a pre baked in Geddy eq with just level and saturation adjustments available.  This appears to be a drop at 80Hz and a bump at 400 Hz ish.  I'm not certain as I've been fiddling with the levels on the 2nd channel 'drive' to try to replicate the deep channel and the above alterations get me close, but I am playing this through an Elf, which has a baked in slight mid scoop when the eq is flat.

    The 'drive' channel has a very useful parametric mid shift (from 170 Hz to 3Khz).

    So far the best tone I have got has been with a blend of the two channels but it is early days yet.

    I'll post in the pedal board section too, with comments about how the other pedals on the board interact with it.



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  10. 10 hours ago, bazzbass said:

    while I hate all crims, at least they were insured, the guitars didn't belong to anybody yet, up for sale.


    Not as bad as a musician getting his gear stolen. 

    Yes, but now their insurance premiums will go up and there would be quite a bit of disruption due to the damage caused by the break-in etc.

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  11. I'll post a second glowing feedback for @TrioRec (Andy).  I bought a Barefaced Super Compact from him, probably the one sold to him by @Paul S above.  Straightforward transaction, nice bloke.  Though I had to drive down south of the river to pick the cab up it all went smoothly.


  12. 5 hours ago, bassist_lewis said:

    I'm not hugely fussed about having a tweeter but I am wondering if it will pair with the original One10. Been considering a One10 stack for years!

    Don't see why not.  Same size, same impedance, same main driver with the addition of a tweeter in one cab.  A bit like a super compact and a Big Baby 2, but with the 10" drivers.

  13. I don't have an always go to GAS dealer.  I check the usual suspects, Andertons, GAK etc and go with the cheapest.  I bought a pedal from Thomann during lockdown, all went well but it took longer than the UK based dealers.

    The only dealer I have had bad service from is PMT.

    B***** might make Thomann and also all European imported gear a bit dearer next year but as we will now have our seas back we can all eat loads of pickled herring and all the other weird fish we flog to the Europeans.


  14. Alex had to lower the main driver and put the tweeter in the top right hand corner.  The logo then had to moved to the left (and I don't think the usual bass logo would fit) and the arc of black steel above the grill had to go to.  It had to be done this way.

  15. I've heard this sort of thing before.  One of my customers is a camera man, he has worked on a few documentary/reality tv series in the UK for a certain big TV channel.  There is a person in charge of the budget for each programme, hiring the staff, venues etc.  If they produce the show for less, its better for them, so they screw over whoever can be screwed over.  Gary Lineker and the like don't get asked for a pay cut, because they'll just go to ITV instead but the essential staff that aren't in front of the camera will be pushed to work for as little as can be got away with, especially if there are plenty others to fill their boots if they say no.

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