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  1. HI all Apologies for not updating this sooner. I have not sold this and would withdraw it from the site if i could work out how to do it After a an interesting journey of reflection - part helped by some Basschat members - i am now feverishly back in love with my Mk1 and will not be letting it go ! Thanks M
  2. Thanks Ogier I've sent you an email max
  3. Hi Thanks NickA for forwarding on to the Wal forum. I’m not on Facebook so hopefully they will come here if they have any questions 👍 Yes, it’s a sad day to come to the decision to sell it, but I need to be honest and admit it ain’t getting the lovin’ it deserves from me. max
  4. [Price reduced to £3500 and open to offers] Hi After some careful deliberation i have decided to sell my lovely Mk1 (lined fretless). I purchased this secondhand circa 1995 and it was my primary guitar for several years - gigging and in and out of the studio. But, as I've gotten older (and kids have come along) it is been used less and less and deserves to go to someone who will give it the love and attention it deserves. I am new to this forum so not sure of all the etiquette around selling, but I live in North London and would be happy to entertain visits if someone lived locally and wanted to try it out. (I have a SWR Redhead from back in the day) As expected, it has a mahogany core but with elm facings. There are a few scuffs on the body, although the lacquer along the neck is intact. Two screws are missing from the back plate. (It was last set up about 18 months ago, so the strings are equally as old, but i have hardly had it out the case in that time.) Hard case included in the sale, but it is not the original one. When sold i would prefer it collected rather than shipped, but can negotiate that as necessary.
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