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  1. Gary1963


    Thanks I will check everything over the weekend Yeh not that
  2. Gary1963


    Does it with both amps think it could be speaker or venting
  3. Gary1963


    Thanks for that advice. Yeh it is definitely 400w speaker, but there seems to be sent sort of fuzz there especially if I longer on a note. Maybe my cab needs venting as there is nothing to let the bass out. Don't know if that would make the sound better
  4. Gary1963


    Thanks Bill. That's very technical for me
  5. Gary1963


    I have a Laney bc75 for house practice but someone had swaped the speaker for a rubbish one. So I swapped it for a 400w 8 ohm so I could also use the cab with my Behringer Ultrabass 300. What's confused me is my 300 is 300w at 4 ohm or150w at 8 ohm. Am I right in thinking if I put two 8 ohm I will still get 300w or could I mix and put a 4 and 8 ohm together. The 400w speaker seems to struggle which I didn't think it would if my amp is only 300w. Any ideas
  6. Yes I meant to say 2 at 8 ohms . Thanks for that advice I will stick to the 2 at 8 ohm
  7. Thanks. Maybe I will just use the two 8 Ohm 150w speakers as I don't want to damage the amp. Can that be done. I never have it over half volume.
  8. Hi I need a bit of help with all these ohms which I have no understanding of these. I have an EB 180 and I have upgraded the speaker to a Soundlab 1041f. its a 15 inch 400 W speaker rated at 8 ohm. My question is can I add the original blue line 150 W speaker which I have put in a cab, its rated at 4 ohm? I dont want to add too much and cause damage to my amp. Help please Gary
  9. Gary1963


    I have an ibanez soundgear sr300 but have just seen an ibanez srx500 is this worth swapping from the 300 to the 500.is the 500 that much better and what's the action like on these as my 300 not that bad. I need some advice please help
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