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  1. im on this forum to hunt for a bass with a fatt B string. i had two 5string etra long carbon clover. the first+-1990 a green slapper got stolen and the other i sold to the bassist in my trio. no, hes not selling it back. 

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    2. BassAgent


      Or get yourself a Dingwall.

    3. Akio Dāku

      Akio Dāku

      Nice KSD. 😍 X

    4. BaggyMan


      Dingwall combustion has a 37 inch B.  Nothing sustains like it in my experience

  2. hello

    i am missing a head less 5 string extra long scale bass. the only e srtimg instrument, i owned and played with vor many years.now i have to many instruments and start to sell them. finding such a bass would make it easier to sell others. like steinbergers,tokai, fender....

    1. SpondonBassed


      Welcome Bassivist.

      I am sure you will find the Basschat Marketplace of good use.

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