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  1. Found some great posts. Whole discussion about plectrums was an interesting read today 🙂
  2. Going to see the Ashdown on Saturday. It has a little vu meter. How cool is that??? I mean how it sounds is paramount but still...
  3. Thanks all 🙂 Handy links Frank! There's an Ashdown electric Blue 180 on there. Would love to get something like that but then my neighbours would hate me..
  4. White with tort pickguard. And I think it sounds class
  5. See, I'm learning stuff already! Not how to play the bass better but certainly how to feel better about wanting new gear that I know I don't need
  6. Hi all! I played in a punk band many, many years ago. After meeting some old friends I bought an Ibanez last year and despite car trouble eating and savings this year I've moved on to a Fender P bass I'm loving playing along to music in my man cave. Still old punk stuff - especially The Clash cos I thought Paul Simonon was so cool back in the day, with plenty of other tunes thrown in for fun. I really feel that I'm learning more, now that I'm not 15 and just wanting to make everything louder and faster My wife has even said she'll get me a new amp for Xmas 😃 Within reason of course. Unfortunately the cost of couriers makes second hand less of an option, so thinking about a Hartke hd75, or maybe an Ampeg of some flavour. Oh. Still don't know what GAS means. Or frfr. Or NAD. I'm also enjoying lurking on here 🙂 Damian
  7. PM sent (just in case postage becomes an option)
  8. Looks fantastic. But once again I'm too far away. GLWS
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