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  1. Is this just the receiver for sale or is it the transmitter and receiver?
  2. I think you're right, the Rumble 500 would probably be better (and cheaper!), I need a flexible set up as I am in two bands where I use IEMs and FOH in one and the "trditional" set up in the other
  3. I'm thinking a purchasing a Fender Rumble Stage 800 but as it is a modeling amp with lots of built-in effects, presets etc would this colour the output of my Helix Stomp too much or is there some kind of neutral preset on the Fender?
  4. I'm beginning to wixh I had sold it on here!
  5. It is a Trace Elliott GP7 SM300 bass head
  6. Thanks, guys for the advice, refunded and relisted
  7. would i be within my rights to send the item to the ebay registered address?
  8. Just sold an item on Ebay to a guy with an address in the UK but i then received a message from the buyer saying he wanted the item posted to an address in Austria, apart from the difference in postage costs is this some kind of scam?
  9. Just musing to myself about my wireless set up. Currently Xvive transmitter into bass, receiver into HX Stomp, guitar lead into Amp, works fine. Would another Xvive (on different frequency) work connected from my HX Stomp to my amp?
  10. Hey Noir, Further to your answer I also perform backing vocals, could I use the Alto/Headrush as a vocal foldback at the same time as using it as a bass monitor?
  11. Ordered online, yesterday, now wringing my hands waiting for the postie!
  12. Just pulled the trigger on one of these babies. It's got me thinking about a whole new way of setting up for a gig. Would it be feasible to plug the HX Stomp into a powered bass speaker, something like a Headrush FRFR-108, then from the Headrush into FOH?
  13. This is my neck of the woods, what's the name of the venue?
  14. Thinking of ditching my current rig (Trace Elliot GP7 SM300 plus double 2x10 cabs) in favour of a lightweight but powerful combo, mainly due to purchasing a smaller car and having loads less boot space. Is there any love out there for the Fender Rumble stage 800, seems a lot of amp for the money?
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