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  1. lee650 ....This is what you really want
  2. What make is the mobile, I want one of those !
  3. Found these two videos on Youtube today, interesting !
  4. Always thought a tortoise guard on my 734 would be nice 😀
  5. I had to smile at the first and last photos, brilliant. I've used Trace Elliot since mid 80's and never had any problem, just great amps. I'm thinking of downsizing and only play small pubs an clubs now, so the wee Elf might just do the job for me.
  6. most 5 sting basses are 18, but Music man use 17.5 , I'm told they do have a model at 18. I sold my Ray 5, I just couldn't get used to it, been playing 4 strings a long long time lol, it's amazing what a few mm can do.
  7. Spacing on a ray is 17.5mm, Yamaha is 18mm
  8. Try a 5mm, but whatever you do, make sure it's a snug fit
  9. It's all down to psychology now
  10. Think it comes in the next Windows update ! 😎 lol
  11. Everyone replied to this but never really answered the question, apart from the finance side of it, I think Tubster was wanting to know how it sounded in a gig situation ! I don't have one, but I'm all ears to know how they sound at a gig and their reliability lol
  12. Hope you like the bass, I used the stock string for some time, not a bad string, but I changed to Ernie Ball Super Slinky 2834 Nickel Strings 45-100 (Pink Bag) Then after that Ernie Ball Group 3 Flats 45 to 100, I still have them on, but depends what type of music you're playing ! I would say you'll have to set it up to your own liking, anyway best of luck with the new bass.
  13. The only Con I have is, I wish they had put the jack socket at the front like the Fender P lol, small gripe for what is a great bass.
  14. Dave I’m just curious to know what year your Fender is, I ask because I’m thinking it could be the radius of the fret board that’s causing the problem. You said you have both instruments set up the same, i.e. neck relief, action @ the 12th fret, string height at the Nut and first fret etc. If that is the case, they would play different because of the fret boards being a different radius. Because the Yamaha has a 10 inch radius, you can afford to set the relief, action and string height at the Nut a lot lower than you would with the Fender, resulting in a very fast playable Yamaha and still dig in without fret buzz. For reference, the Fender radius could be anything between 7.25 and 9 I have played and set up a variety of bass guitars over the years and it’s amazing the difference you get even between the same make and year of bass/guitar.
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