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  1. [quote name='odysseus' timestamp='1466098731' post='3073379'] Years ago I was in a band that did a lot of grunge. If we did one of the first tracks off an album, we often used to play the second one just after. Pearl Jam's Once was followed by Even Flow, Alice In Chains' Them Bones was followed by Dam That River etc. Dunno why but some punters used to go nuts over that. *shrug* [/quote] I'd love this...I think because you hear these albums so many times on repeat, you know what the next track is etc... If you hear a band covering Once, then in your head you've got the intro to Even Flow going on, and then the band actually plays it...I can see the appeal!
  2. [quote name='charic' timestamp='1465451777' post='3068268'] That needs a black scratch plate [/quote] Wouldn't mind trying that, or indeed a clear one!
  3. [quote name='uncle psychosis' timestamp='1465057411' post='3065025'] £70???? Bargain. [/quote] Snapped it up! Anyone know where to get a valuation on it? As information online (ebay sold items, a good Google search) seems to be scarce!
  4. [quote name='karlfer' timestamp='1464987088' post='3064531'] See what you've done, you've brought the EpiGib out in us all. YOU are responsible for NEW GAS. Muzz, that's a cracker as well. [/quote] Awfully sorry. I know how bad it can be. If someone wants to find the blue version of this however, I may be happy to come to an agreement
  5. [quote name='karlfer' timestamp='1464983648' post='3064481'] I'm a well renowed tasteless tart, but I think that would look most splendid with ALL gold hardware, plus pups covers, plus scratchplate. [/quote] Gold or chrome, I would totally agree with either!
  6. That's not too bad for the parts, but yeah, when the bass was just £70...!
  7. [quote name='Muzz' timestamp='1464946619' post='3063956'] I'd like to see that colour with the full chrome hardware - pup covers, surrounds, etc… [/quote] As would I! I love the chrome hardware on the tbirds, and this would really pop with it. I feel I'd spend more acquiring the chrome than I paid for the bass though! :')
  8. So on Monday evening something interesting popped up on a local for sale page, needed some work and cleaning up to get it back to what would be a very decent condition, and (rather uncharacteristically) I pulled the trigger impulsively (after haggling a price). So for the grand total of £70 and some elbow grease and soldering, I give you this: An Epiphone Thunderbird Limited Edition Metallic Red finish- I'm looking forward to giving it a good punt through my new rig (needs it's own NGD topic!), but its a looker! I'd be interested to know what the resale value would be too, as I can't find much info anywhere, or indeed previous sales!
  9. Picked this little guy up Tuesday, then set about fixing it all up and making it pretty again! What I paid for it was a steal, however I'm not sure what it's worth now! (Epiphone Thunderbird Limited Edition Metallic Red finish)
  10. Paid Jez a visit today to try out a pair of Ashdown cabs before snapping them up off him. Fantastic bloke to deal with, great communication...don't hesitate to deal with him
  11. Much like what the Behringer AB-100 would allow then? (won't let me paste the link). Two inputs, a level adjustment on each, and the option to put them to the same out. Tis lower end of the market, but I'm sure there are higher-end options out there! edit: Or a Boss AB-2 (though no line level control)
  12. Could you buy an A/B line switcher type pedal to do that? Less cumbersome than a mixer of some sort, perhaps.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Ahh if I can clear some finances, I'll snap these up off you! Not too far away in Gloucestershire/Swindon either
  15. Wondering if this is the one I sold on - came out of a combo with the power amp section too, which I built a new enclosure for, and tolexed in grass green. If it is or isn't, its the exact same preamp, and MAN I'd love to hear that thing in the setup its pictured in! GLWTS anyway, and have a free bump for a beautiful sounding preamp!
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