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  1. IdrinkHeineken

    What are you listening to right now?

    Shy Boy by Talas. Repeatedly reading posts at BC. Cheers!
  2. IdrinkHeineken

    What are you listening to right now?

    Burn! Cheers!
  3. IdrinkHeineken


    I've just watched that video. Thank you so much for having taken one of my suggestions and realised that. I like that video. Cheers!
  4. IdrinkHeineken


    I like heavy metal. Anyway, I've watched and enjoyed the four videos on that channel and several Kroom videos on the other channel, thanks for your uploading videos. Here are some suggestions for songs on that channel: Metal Militia Whiplash Anesthesia - Pulling Teeth Rattlehead Mechanix FFF . BANG THAT HEAD THAT DOESN'T BANG! FIGHT TO DEATH! Cheers!
  5. IdrinkHeineken

    A bass for less than $60!

    Manic Depression!
  6. IdrinkHeineken

    What are you listening to right now?

    Quite like that. Next month 33 years and 4 months should have elapsed since its release, id est, exactly one third of a century. Cheers!
  7. IdrinkHeineken

    Unexpected NBD - BC Rich Pointiness !

    £385 at Thomann! Quilted maple top!! At first, looking at the photos, I mistakenly thought that it be an American custom shop bass. I would also take that BC Rich, if I had more than enough money. Cheers!
  8. IdrinkHeineken

    Help identify the bass i just bought.

    I might change that to IhavedrunkJever or IhavedrunkStellaArtois, after drinking those brands for the first time. Anyway, that bass combo in the photo is the aluminium cone version of BEHRINGER ULTRABASS combos? If that is right, I'd like to hear your concise opinion of the bass combo, particularly on its aluminium cone. Cheers!
  9. IdrinkHeineken

    rack tuners

    I'm going to mount a rack-mountable tuner, BEHRINGER RACKTUNER BTR2000, which I bought several years ago, to a rack, THON STUDIO RACK 6U 38, which I'm going to buy next month at thomann.de. That would be quite good.
  10. IdrinkHeineken

    Help identify the bass i just bought.

  11. IdrinkHeineken

    Gibson files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

    Crying wolf they are, aren't they? Looks like their regular commercial advertisement.
  12. You must be another secret Saint Nicholas in spring.