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  1. Q5. Steel The Light. After the Van Halen's album: MCMLXXXIV. The Q5's album features Floyd Rose as an electric guitarist. Pull the trigger!
  2. Missing Foundation. Nineteen Thirty-Three. Cheers!
  3. Missing Foundation. Ignore The White Culture. Cheers!
  4. Testament. The Legacy. This year in December anyone who is alive and was born in the last century will have lived for almost twenty years indeed in the current millennium. Cheers!
  5. Stryper Isaiah 53:5. The Yellow And The Black Attack! And we're here to say that you can have salvation too. You'll see the light someday. I'll say Jesus says the way. You know what to do. Yes, you do. Loving you. Loving you. Loving you. We're here to rock for you and rock is what we'll do. Co'mon and help us rock the land. Co'mon! Rock! Rock! Rock! Co'mon! Never stop! Cheers!
  6. Ozzy Osbourne. The Ultimate Sin. Finally the Mukden Incident and the Nanjing Massacre. Initially the Attack On Pearl Harbor and the two bombs. Then thank God for the bomb. Thank God for the bomb. Thank God for the bomb. Thank God for the bomb. Cheers!
  7. First Visit by Rogue Male. Motörcycle! Crazy motörcycle! Cheers!
  8. Troops Of Tomorrow by The Exploited. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... troops of tomorrow ... troops of tomorrow ... troops of tomorrow ... ... ... War! Freedom in the war! War! Freedom in the war! War! War! Cheers!
  9. I don't know exactly the circumstances around that album in the late 80s. Nevertheless definitely I still like that album now maybe more having recently several times listened to that, which I hadn't for many years listened to than the mid 90s in which I had quite often listnened to a cassette tape onto which all the tracks of that album on an audio CD were dubbed in 90 or 91, along with Mind Bomb and Dusk by Johnson featuring Marr, which also I like, this means, than the mid 90s in which I'd quite often listened to that album and the two. As far as the contents of the album, House Of Love is concerned, in the rock music taxonomy, to me it would seem that some tracks in the album belong to some subtaxon which belongs to some supertaxon and in the subtaxon the tracks are the very original ones or of the first versions of the subtaxon. However as I don't know many tracks in the supertaxon to which the subtaxon to which the infrataxa belong and the other subtaxa belong, it is just my supposition. Cheers!
  10. The SUNDAYS. Today is also Sunday. My England's as happy as England can be. Why cry? Cheers!
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