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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Between Manc and B'Ham? Where exactly? If it's close to me you may have a buyer...
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Would definitely prefer sale but open to any trades. Preferences would be Barefaced Bigbaby 2 + cash or a lovely short scale.
  5. Sold my P pickup to Keith. Great communication and fast payment. Thank you, Jake.
  6. First and last price drop: £825
  7. Evening all. My band mates and I are about to start putting demo tracks down before properly arranging music. We have a view to record throughout August. We're based in a small village in north Wales. Our drummer is in Tokyo and singer is a lovely Californian lady (professional singer and a beau of the guitarist). Anyhow, we have a good number of original songs that we plan to record when we all have time but for live shows (perhaps recording) we are looking for outside influences: Could anyone notate/transcribe Maynard's vocals (inc. the harmonies) from By and Down the River from the latest A Perfect Circle album Eat the Elephant? I think this is the only way to get the singer and guitarist interested. I think they would be put off by the song BUT seeing the transcribed version and the beauty of Maynards vocals may sway them. I realise this is a big ask (one that may normally cost) but it may be experience or fun for someone. Thanks all, Jake. (Addendum: the reason I am so adamant about this because we are going for folky/stripped down sound and I think this song would be perfect when pretty much vocals and piano)
  8. Fantastic basses. My GB74 is getting a pro setup as we speak. Neck and weight are truly exceptional!!!
  9. Set of lightly used 40-100 DR High-Beams cut for a Fender Precision. ALSO New/unused set of DR Hi-Beams WITHOUT the D string (60) PSA: Never guess the length when cutting a string... Thanks all, Jake. £25 delivered
  10. Set of Split Coil Precision pickups. Have been looked after well. £45 delivered. Thanks all, Jake.
  11. If you're close to the Wrexham area you are welcome to test it out.
  12. Are you able to turn the tweeter off if you wish? Or just lower the volume?
  13. Taken from a Fender Precision Classic Series. The pictures are have been taken in a different lighting conditions and locations, including the roof of my silver Fiesta. Very good condition - certainly less scratches than the car! £35 including delivery. Thanks all, Jake.
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