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  1. If anyone has one to sell please pop me a message...even if this post is months old by that time I will still be interested! J
  2. Japanese Ebo copy up for grabs

  3. Reverb recommendations?

    Look at the empress reverb. Covers conventional well and also can get super weird! Lots of midi options too
  4. Just use bike chain. Alternatively use painters tape (masking tape) on the bottom of a pedal then sticky velcro. That way the pedal paintwork doesn't get affected at all but still more than enough stick to attach a pedal to a board.
  5. Anyone have a spare bridge height screw?

    That'd be great, I'm in London. Will PM you when i get home from work
  6. FEA Photon Fuzz II

    @Dannybuoy what do you suggest trying with them first? I've opened the backplate up to have a go with them after work tonight.
  7. FEA Photon Fuzz II

    Cheers for meeting today, pedal is great
  8. I'm fixing up a bit of a beaten up 1991 Mexican fender jazz bass. It's missing one of the screws that let you adjust the saddle height. Does anyone have a spare or know exactly the screws to buy? A link etc or a screw would be fantastic! Please feel free to message me.
  9. Hi all, had some gear stolen and looking to replace it. If anyone has one to sell please drop me a message!
  10. FEA Photon Fuzz II

    Messaging you...