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  1. I have to say that until now KiOgon has been awesome! I already made the order... he understood what I wanted with very little explanation.
  2. It's a passive. I'm already speaking to him and he seems quite able! Thanks!
  3. let me send him a message to see if he is interested...
  4. Hi, I have a bass that I would like to modify and I have an idea for the electronics... Do you know someone who would take a custom project to build/solder/put together my idea? Please give me the contact. Thanks in advance!
  5. Mint condition Open to all kinds of deals... just let me know what you got. Cheers!
  6. Thanks Danny, I still have my second one haha This one is SOLD!
  7. I've got a vey rare TYM Civil War Muff in mint condition. This is the finest civil war you'll ever have. £225 shipped to UK I'll take offers and trades.
  8. Price drop to £175 OBO This is the cheapest one you will see here for sure!
  9. Need some money. I'm taking offers! £200 OBO Shipped to UK
  10. Very rare, excellent condition. Comes with box and papers. £280 shipped and PayPal
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