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  1. Though I can get gigs playing other peoples' preferred material, it's getting very frustrating that every venue I approach with the music I most want to play turns us down. They phrase it in various ways but it comes down to them not wanting hardcore jazz, as far as I can tell.

    1. MuddBass


      Here's what ChatGPT offeres for alternative wording you might use - give these a try instead and watch the gigs come pouring in.....(start with the last one!!!)


      Certainly! Here are some alternative words and phrases for "hardcore jazz":


      Avant-garde jazz

      Free jazz

      Fusion jazz

      Progressive jazz

      Modal jazz


      Jazz rock

      Experimental jazz

      Cutting-edge jazz

      Innovative jazz

      Modern jazz

      Acid jazz

      Contemporary jazz

      Aggressive jazz


    2. knirirr


      I'm disappointed that it missed out "defiant jazz".

      Unfortunately, the problem is more like:


      Band: Do you want some jazz?
      Venue: Sounds interesting.

      Band:  Great! Here's a demo tape.

      Venue: Er.... Actually... We meant a pianist/singer doing quiet background music during dinner. Or something with a tune the punters could dance to.


      Perhaps the trick is to record a mild demo tape then wait to unleash the hard stuff at the gig. But, despite being jazz musicians, we'd like to get paid.

    3. MuddBass


      Just play a couple of pop melodies as heads then let loose. What's the worse that can happen?

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