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  1. Stiffness

    Thanks for all your thoughts on this. I don't have the same issue when practicing either at home or with the band in the studio so I dont think it's a stance or technique issue. I think the breathing might be part of it plus I find I play harder when live, and the obvious speed increase due to adrenaline may play a part too.
  2. Stiffness

    Has anyone got advise on how to stay loose when gigging? I'm having problems with my fingering hand when playing live. Clearly nerves are playing a part but even when I've relaxed my fingers become stiff and I lose speed in my fingering. The stiffness comes right up my forearm to my elbow. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Sounds kind of daft but I found playing guitar on Rock Band too difficult so found my way to the bass just to play the game. Hadn't really listened to the bass lines of songs before, or didn't realise what I was listening to was the bass line until this time. After that started to pick out the bass more and more in songs, especially I recall whilst on holiday in Cyprus listening to my iPod by the pool. Decided when I got home I'd buy a cheap bass and take lessons. Four years on, I can't get enough!!
  4. Multi Effects

    I'm looking for my first effects pedal. Not looking to spend big so was looking at the VOX SL1B 1B Amplifier Multi Effect Bass Stomplab Pedal. Anyone have experience of one of these? My new band is playing Time is Running Out by Muse and Royal Blood's Figure it Out so need the pedal for these songs. Thanks
  5. Outlaw Man

    Trying to give this bass line a go, a song the the Eagles Desperado album. Anybody know how to play it and have any tips, especially about learning the timing for the end section? I have found two tabs online that differ quite a fair bit from one another so feel a bit confused! Thanks
  6. Love that Trace Elliot sound.

    The practice rooms I go to have a TE in one of their rooms. It's my only experience of using one but I do love the sound and as my Warwick amp isn't up to performing at even small gigs it's a TE I'm looking to get.
  7. [quote name='xgsjx' timestamp='1455193440' post='2976843'] None to be honest. I was a big RHCP fan, but after BSSM everything sounds identical to me. I like my music to have some variety. [/quote] See that's where I become a RHCP fan, from Californaication. I think their more melodic music is more to my taste than their earlier stuff. There last album, I'm With You, has some great songs on and looking forward to their new album, hopefully this year. Stereophonics are a band that I continually buy but in reality their albums could merge as one.
  8. Unrecognised / Forgotten Bass Influences

    Randy Meisner is, in my opinion, underrated. His playing on Outlaw Man is the song. Others are John Taylor and of course Macca - again rarely played Beatles tune Hey Bulldog amazing driving bassline [quote name='BILL POSTERS' timestamp='1450359541' post='2932006'] Have only skimmed the thread, so dunno if these have been mentioned. Whats bound to influence you most, I reckon, is what you listen to when you first start to come up with your own lines. In my case that will be around 1972 to 74. So heres my two bobs worth. Larry Taylor John Ford Rod Clements Randy Meisner. Entwhistle. Never a Beatles fan, but we all grew up hearing Maccas Bass lines everyday, so he must be in there somewhere, same with Carol Kaye. And as I must have seen him playing in pubs and clubs at least a couple or 3 times a week, Trevor Burton must have had an effect. Good solid no frills R&B. [/quote]
  9. A quick hi

    Just wanted to say hi. Been playing bass for 3 years, kind of a late starter to it as in my 30's. Looking forward to reading through the posts and picking up invaluable tips and peoples' experiences and perhaps share some of my own.