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  1. Hi, I want to get an octave pedal but I can't decide between the three listed in the subject... Each have pros and cons so any suggestions, tips etc? Alternatives also welcome.
  2. [quote name='Bearfist' timestamp='1447955250' post='2911834'] I had the same problem when i used a Diago board, i know you said you didn't want to raise it but if you want to give it a try at least rather than ditching the pedal i have a couple of the Diago boosters left over, you're more than welcome to have one, just cover the postage. They aint that big and don't sit too high so i found them fairly inoffensive to look at. [/quote] Oh I won't be ditching the pedal, it's a cool little thing, the TapeEcho setting is really nice, it just kind of dictates how far I can have it from the edge. But the offer off the booster is really kind of you, I'll drop you a PM
  3. [quote name='Muppet' timestamp='1447941144' post='2911673'] Use input and output leads with right angled jacks [/quote] Yeah I have tried this, works out but currently only have one right angle cable (10ft) and I use that to go into my bass. My local guitar shop has closed so when I go in one soon I might grab a 20ft to go out of the board
  4. [color=#222222]Hi, Having issues ordering my board. I have a Diago Showman with a Mooer ReEcho at the end of my chain but the output and input holes are annoyingly low down as it’s a tiny pedal, meaning I can’t have it too close to the edge of the board. [/color] [color=#222222]I find that generally only Boss pedals seem to have holes high enough for the cable to sit nicely over the edge, and I’m reluctant to buy a Boss reverb or delay just for this reason. I’m looking at other reverb pedals but it’ll be annoying to get one to find out it doesn’t sit properly. I’m also reluctant to buy some sort of pedal booster to raise the height, as it’ll look weird.[/color] [color=#222222]Any suggestions for Reverb pedals that might not give me this issue? Looking at the Digitech Polara but can’t tell if it’ll be tall enough… [/color] [size=4][color=#1F497D][font=Calibri]UPDATE: Bearfist has kindly sent me a booster, so hopefully this will solve this issue. Other suggestions still welcome of course.[/font][/color][/size]
  5. [color=#222222]I play a StingRay and I've always gone for Ernie Balls, as they're the most readily available. Occasionally I've gotten D'Addarios but I've never really done a proper tone comparison between the two.[/color] [color=#222222]I'm going to get it set up soon to sort out action issues and while the strings get changed I thought I’d see if anyone had any suggestions of makes or gauges? StingRays can be a bit ‘pingy’ and bite more than growl at times, I play fingerstyle and with a pick about 50/50, depends what I’m playing, so perhaps a string set that might accommodate that and balance out the natural high-end of the bass while adding a bit of low growl would be good.[/color] [color=#222222]I use a few pedals (listed in my sig) so that might affect any choices[/color] [color=#222222] [/color] [color=#222222]Cheers![/color]
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Is this located in Germany? I might be interested if it's in the UK (south) potentially.
  8. At the weekend I tried out the Moog MF Chorus, the Earthquaker Sea Machine 2 and the Nemphasis Bass Chorus. The Moog was my least favourite, as it seemed to get too goofy/weird too quickly. The other two sounded great, very usable, but a bit more expensive. Anyone else have any suggestions for good chorus pedals? EDIT: I ended up going for the MXR Analog Chorus, very versatile and sounds great, the Sea Machine however is still my favourite sounding.
  9. So I was looking into the differences between the GEB-7 and the GE-7B, and obviously the frequencies available are the main difference. I plan to get an EQ pedal to use after my Rat/Big Muff (as I've said in other topics) to reduce some of the high end/boost low end and I was wondering which of these two pedals would be best suited? I've looked into the Boss PQ-3B as well but they seem quite hard to get hold of and I've heard they are less versatile than a graphic EQ Thanks!
  10. I've been looking at the old Boss PQ-3B to have after my dirty section to scoop out some harshness from my Rat and Big Muff, I hear they're really good, better than say the GEB-7 or graphic EQs on the whole. But I've also been looking at preamp pedals and was wondering if what the major differences are between a preamp pedal and a parametric EQ? Or which people prefer for this application (or similar)? Thanks!
  11. Hey! I've had a Boss ODB-3 for ages but rarely use it as I snapped the volume knob off a while back, i can still turn it with a screwdriver... but that's not ideal. So I'm looking to repair it properly myself, I still have the plastic cap of the control. I've done a bit of research but thought I'd also ask here. Will it be hard to replace the pot? Or should I just take it somewhere to get fixed? Thanks
  12. [quote name='elephantgrey' timestamp='1446757560' post='2902192'] EQing back in freq.s that have been taken out is hard. Id suggest either look at using a loop pedal with a blend, or getting it MODed to let more low end threw (though youd have to find someone else to help there). [/quote] Yeah, I was thinking it would perhaps not sound quite the same. I did ask yesterday about where/who can do bass-boosting type mods on drive type pedals but didn't get an answer
  13. So I recently bought a 1980 Little Big Muff, it sounds good with bass but I feel like in a live setting it could do with a bit more low end. I also really want to get a Rat but I've heard people having similar issues. I've never used an EQ pedal with bass before, anyone have any suggestions for which ones are good for this kind of thing? And also would they be better before or after any dirty pedals (I'd assume before, but I see a lot of people use after.) Thanks!
  14. [quote name='paul_5' timestamp='1446676430' post='2901468'] The simplest bass mod for increased low end response on a RAT just needs a pair of wire cutters. Give this a go: [url="http://www.diyguitaramp.com/rat.html"]http://www.diyguitaramp.com/rat.html[/url] You can cut either end of the resistor indicated by the photos in this article; the outcome is the same. [/quote] I'll have a look, thanks
  15. [quote name='LukeFRC' timestamp='1446675866' post='2901463'] can you solder? [/quote] I have done a bit of soldering in the past when I removed a scratchplate and pickups off of a guitar, but I don't know anything about circuits really.
  16. Hi there, First post, so apologies if this is in the wrong section or anything. I'm looking to buy my friend's Pro Co Rat (it's a II i believe), a lot of demos I've heard suggest it'll produce the tone I'm looking for, as a dirtier alternative to my Way Huge Pork Loin which I have as a gentler drive. However I hear Rats can suck a lot of low end from your tone.. I've read a few people on old forums say they've gotten theirs modded to keep more low end. Was wondering if anyone knew anyone/a place that can perhaps do a mod like this for me? How much would it cost etc.? I'm based in Luton (30miles from London) Cheers!
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