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  1. Here is for your consideration my Fodera Monarch Standard 4 . This was built in 2018, I got it about five months ago, and I am the first owner. The Bass is in impecable condition, as expected it comes with the hardcase and case candy. I was very excited when I got this bass guitar, it plays, sounds and feels great. However when I took it to a jam/rehearsal with my mates, it was too polite (we play grunge/stoner rock). Not the right tool for me. I had an "it is not you it's me" moment with the bass. I am not a player that is big on solos or chord work when playing with the band, I am more the brick-laying-foundation-setting type player and this bass is way too much for me. It has plenty of tones available, the preamp is very versatile, weight is under 4kg, she looks great and has that butterfly on the headstock and all the gold trimmings. I just couldn't make it work, too many options/knobs and switches. So with a heavy heart, because I really like the bass, I will do the right thing and move it so hopefully it finds a good home. It really needs to be played by someone who can take advantage of all that it offers. I guess in so many words, I am more of a meat and potatoes guy. So I will be going back to my p and j basses. Looking around what these go for typically, considering what they go for NEW in the UK and Europe, and this one is pretty much new I know I have to take a hit (a 25% one), I think it is reasonably priced, considering it was black friday. It would make a great early christmas present too!. thanks for looking abe
  2. Pricedrop to 1700 GBP... One of the finest basses to come out of Japan, handcrafted Woodline series bass. This is the very top of the line here friends. The exact model is WOODLINE5AC FM/E-SP'20 BK-RD-VGR This is one of 9 basses built like this, for 25th anniversary of the brand I believe, it has the commemorative inlay on the 12th fret. Got a great deal on it, but things have taken a turn here so she has to go, she is literally brand new. For all you wood lovers out there, the body is ash with a flame maple top you can see through the nice fade/burst like finish. Neck is maple with an ebony fingerboard topped with a bone nut. Matching headstock. Gotoh hardware in black and gold (bridge). Electronics own pickups with Aguilar preamp. Over all it is a very nice instrument, Japan's finest right here. It has a transparent/clear pickguard which I like because it lets you enjoy the flamed maple thru it and the finish. Would love to keep her but unfortunately, she has to find a new home like other basses I own. Barely played at home, smoke free environment always in its gig bag. I do entertain the possibility of a partial trade, price is with shipping to your door. thanks for looking.
  3. Here is for our consideration a really great Six stringer. MTD Kingston Z6 (KZ6) Mahogany body, Maple burl top in a trans cherry finish. Maple neck, bolt on construction. MTD pickups and active electronics. Buzz feiten tuning system and zero fret. Bass plays great, really fast neck and, very comfortable, only played it at home as I have not been doing gigs with a sixer (don't have the... ehem, courage). Price is with a gigbag, and shipped to your door within the UK or EU. thanks for looking. abe.
  4. Welcome! Usually the best answer when having to decide between one bass or another is "get both"! Now being serious, the main difference to me between five or six strings and four string basses is in the fretting hand technique. In a five string bass you will play vertically, on a four you will play more horizontally moving/shifting positions. Once you learn (in case you don't already) the fretboard, intervals and scales, going from one to the other will not be an issue. I personally favour the four string bass. However I do know my way around a six stringer too. Small hands... Ibanez SR series makes some very thin necks in both four and five strings that you will find very comfortable, and with your budget i would check the marketplace here and get a good deal on one a level above of what you could get new. A.
  5. Stingray 5s are great bases, a bit over budget even used unless you go for one of the Sterling by MM 5ers which are good value, my only issue with Rays is that it is a "one trick pony" (but its a darned good trick!). As stated above, Sire makes great instruments however, weight can be an issue. Also, would be helpful to know what kind of music you play. Jazz, blues, rock, solo noodling? What kind of tone you looking for? Vintage, modern? If you wish to cover a lot of ground tonewise, a PJ would be something to seriously consider. Spectors are great, if you can find one at that price!
  6. Hi, Bacchus basses, I currently own TWO, one is Global Series and the other is a WL Handcrafted fiver, 2020 limited edition (anniversary or something), both have active electronics. Craftmanship on both is great, nice jazz sound with an active preamp. I have rather small hands and pay a lot of attention to nut width, these guys have great nut width and are very comfortable to play. Unlike some LowEnd I have played that I am sure you can land a small aircraft on the fingerboard . Price wise, well The HandCrafted ones retail at about 2700GBP, and the Globals around 1100GBP. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.
  7. @SpondonBassed Yeah mate! right you are, I had signed up, but I had not finished my profile and thought I hadn't introduced myself. Its good to be back! I have tons of questions about vacuum tubes, bass guitars and sound, so I will be looking around for answers and/or posting questions.
  8. @SpondonBassed, those SBMM 34s are killer! I have a fretless one and it is awesome. A bit on the heavy side but tone is great, straight out of the box it is about 80% there with the real deal B00 late 70's. You have the preamp upgrade and Nordstrand so you are at about 90-95% there tonewise. I cant say you would be upgrading much other than the wood and the decal. Tone is where its at for me. thanks for the welcome.
  9. Hi guys!! Abraham here, in Barcelona, Spain. I love bass guitars, I have a few in my bass dungeon. I have been playing for many years always in grunge/rock bands and currently have a nice project that I am really excited about (will post some stuff when available). My playing style is more groove related than cool smooth solo guy. I think of the bass as the track over which a train is riding on. So I pride myself in trying to provide a solid track with the drummer so that the crazy-#ss guitar guy can do his thing on top with his Sinmarc valve head and 4x12 cab (the train). I love the sound of MMEB bass guitars, it is what I use mostly; I have never played a Jazz in any band I have been, or a P bass for that matter. I do own one of each though and really like them specially the vintage ones and I know they sound cool and awesome, but I always steer away from them and towards a more modern tone like my Dingwall 5er. That said, I believe the day that I go traditional jazz/p bass with my band is coming sooner rather than later, and then I will be a full vintage bass convert, or at least not in denial anymore If any of you nice bass people are in Barcelona and would like to talk shop in person, hit me up. If you want to have a friendly discussion on vintage fender lore, MM basses, Alleva Coppolo, super Jazz basses and the lot I am game. Should any of you own one of the elusive Tobias T made by Pedulla, tell me about it! Love those vintage tobias ones. Thanks for reading and looking forward to reading you all. abe p.s. I like my preamps off board. In pedal form. I prefer my bass guitars Passive and have some different pedal preamps so I can mix and match. Reasoning is, why have a great preamp in one bass when you can get it off the bass and use it with all your basses? Let me know if you think the same.
  10. Hello fellow bass players! Here are for your consideration 2 Alleva Coppolo bass guitars. Both of them are quite special, and NEW. [b]Bachelorette number one is a 5 string Alleva Coppolo Spanish Cedar body 5 string bass. [/b] This bass was offered to me by Jimmy after he got a bit of Spanish Cedar wood. He emailed me and told me that because I live in Spain and I help procure AC basses in Spain it would be nice that the first Spanish Cedar bass came over. And It did. It was handed over to me by Jimmy on Christmas Day 2014 with another bass. This is One of a Kind, Jimmy has enough wood for about 6 bodies and so far only this one has been built. Natural finish. Pickups as usual are homegrown Alleva Coppolo (I believe in the 60s position), active/passive push/pull tone pot. Preamp is very transparent with boost only treble and bass. Very nice balance to it. Neck is fast, fretboard Jimmy told me is about 60 year old wood. Plays great. Sound wise it has a bit of emphasis on the low-mids and a great growl. Adjusts great and capable of a nice low action. It has no markings on the back of the headstock (apparently there was a bit of problem with the laser engraving machine). The Bass is NEW. Price for her is 3450 GBP, Shipped from Spain. Good price considering she is one of a kind. Haggling is highly encouraged and expected [b]Here are the Pics[/b] [attachment=197838:AC Cedar Body.JPG][attachment=197839:AC Cedar Neck.JPG] [b]Bachelorette number two is a 4 String Alleva Coppolo Khari Simmons Artist Series Prototype #4.[/b] This one is one of four prototypes built for Khari Simmons. The tale goes Khari lost his jazz bass many years ago, something about the bass being in the basement and the house sold. He wanted a bass that captured the essence of that lost bass. Well that lost bass was one of the early 80s fenders, probably from the Dan Smith era, other prototypes had the stratocaster buttons on them and the white pickup covers, this one only has the pickup covers in white. It is made of select basswood finished in three color sunburst (being a prototype it has a very small finish flaw inside one of the horns), white pickguard, white pickup covers. Homegrown Alleva Coppolo pickups, and PASSIVE. Rosewood (indian) fretboard, neck has the satin vintage tint. The sound is nice and round, not too edgy. Very comfortable to play. Adjusts great and capable of very low action. This one is also NEW. Price for her is 1900 GBP, Shipped from Spain. Great price considering there are only 4 prototypes, Like I stated before, I am open to a bit of haggling, horse trading and so on. [b]Here are the Pics. [/b] [attachment=197840:AC KS Body.jpg][attachment=197841:AC KS Neck.jpg]
  11. Hey bass dudes! Been playing since I was about 13 or so. Played grunge back in the day and after a hiatus it has been a couple of years starting playing again, only this time I am trying to go the jazz route. Like other basschatters I too am a "Bass Hoarder", I started collecting bass guitars and I have about 10 to many, the missus says I have to thin the heard (how dare she!). So I will be letting some things go through here. Among my fav non vintage ones is my Ritter Roya. Always wanted one and got one about 1 month ago. On the vintage end i own a 63 pbass that has a rock solid tone. Looking forward to reading the blog and maybe doing some horse trading. cheers.
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