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  1. Great dealing with you very fast. Well packed the preamp is an upgrade from my old one. Very happy experience. Thank you
  2. Thank you very much gents. Lots to ponder. A much underrated resource of bass knowledge. Best wishes Matt
  3. Cheers for the input. It has been the cabs that have struggled. I suppose I thought of them as a unit. I better get a bigger car. I’m not ready to leave the volume behind. I’m not good enough to go quiet. I need to rely on high volumes stupid facial hair and a brown derby hat
  4. (Back story) I play bass in a country rock and roll band at fairly high volume in pubs and clubs rarely have a house pa and the band pa isn’t sufficient to handle the bottom end so I stand alone. For the last two years I’ve used my Genz Benz shuttle 6.2 at full volume. I use a shadow rockabilly pre amp. I struggle with feed back but always sort it. To the question I’m looking for something with more head room and wondering what other people use or could suggest as a solution? Best wishes Matt
  5. Swampcandy check these guys out
  6. Come to Dursley watch some great music. For tickets and more information go to https://www.facebook.com/events/166466690747357/?ti=icl
  7. I've never seen a book matched fret board very nice
  8. Good man. Enjoy get some guts or some gutalike weedwakes on her and slap pluck slap, or double slap pluck if that's your bag
  9. Hi paddy I'm interested in the amp, or full rig. Where are you based? If you would like to contact me I'm available on 07843388395. Cheers Matt
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