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  1. ...and a Chocolate factory (with factory outlet in the town centre). We love Norfolk and would live there in an instant (if there was any work in my field). On the other hand, it is pretty much the same as Dorset, just flatter,
  2. Or just Norfolk drivers in general to be honest. Spend quite a bit of time up there, my wife's 'Aunt' lives near Fakenham. I saw Phil Campbell in Norwich at Epic Studios before Xmas. Nice little-ish venue.
  3. Also from another source: https://eandt.theiet.org/content/articles/2020/01/guitar-company-fined-45m-for-anti-competitive-behaviour/
  4. Off up to Norfolk on Friday to see Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons in Norwich on Sunday night. Then its Alter Bridge at the O2 in December.
  5. Lets just say Cyber is a constantly changing environment and new attack vectors are being developed and discovered (and indeed patched) constantly.
  6. I found an internet website with the story, so I can now post this: https://www.teiss.co.uk/news/ncsc-kaspersky-lab-products/
  7. Well.....if the Russian company in question is Kaspersky - lets just say they are currently under the same scrutiny as Huawei by the NCSC and NSA at the moment.
  8. Don't get me started on "Microsoft Support phone calls.....". My F-I-L was only saved by the fact I had installed Mint on his PC, so they couldn't get access to his PC to hack him.
  9. Well....it used to be the case yes. Hopefully no one is still using old enough versions of Outlook etc that do that by default.
  10. That is a well known scam email. It is based on the some well known sites being hacked, your passwords acquired and then the hope that you still use the same password now to fool you into thinking they have hacked your system (PS change your passwords). Keep your AV engine up to date (free ones are available) and I recommend the installation of at least a basic software firewall (WIndows comes with one now, Linux always has).
  11. My brother went to the Metallica gig in Manchester last week - complaints about the sound quality there too.
  12. Martin Clunes was speaking to a Ukulele player called Taimane Gardner, in his USA Islands series. She was a rather good player (her Uke was a 5 stringer though!!!) and I think she has made some albums (corporate firewall is preventing me from digging much deeper).
  13. My fiancé bought me the flame version of the Rockabilly 3/4 DB as a present a few years ago. Moving home has prevented me from playing it recently but after fitting new strings and putting in a piezo, I think it is a great instrument - especially for a DB learner like me.
  14. I have the Cort B4 with an ACG Pre-Amp. Excellent build quality and wider neck than the Ibanez SR600 (which is essentially the same bass overwise). Pickups are a bit Meh and a beach to get replacements, as they are a weird size. Think I might have reviewed it on here....?
  15. Concorde? Mind you, in the distant past when I used to work on one of the last Comets, it's cockpit looked a lot like that too.
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