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  1. 25 minutes ago, CamdenRob said:

    I am at peak practical spatial bass capacity at the moment. Any more and I’d have to buy another stand, which I don’t have floor space for anyway 😕

    Ill have to get rid of something... 

    ...Do I really need a fridge 🤔 

    Build up. Up towards the ceiling,  all that empty space waiting to be filled with basses. You can do it 😉

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  2. 80’s and 90’s MIJ, sub-€500, that’s where you’ll find me at my happiest 🙂

    i do my own fretwork, electronics and setups so, no matter how they arrive, they all end up playing like yankee buttaaah. These cost less than £1200 collectively.


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  3. Ozzy played two warm-up club gigs on the 11th and 12th of January 1991 in McGonagles in Dublin prior to the release of No More Tears which were Mike Inez’s first and second shows with the double O. Both nights 😉

  4. Likewise. If someone ever did that to me I would be out of there and never look back. I think this is something you just need to get over, Andy, because you’re playing with fire. It could backfire badly. You’ve got to trust he will do the right thing, as you see it, under his own steam.

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  5. The Aristocrats last night in Dublin, my second time seeing them. I think all the notes were played, every last one of them. Most enjoyable and great to see another band so clearly enjoying what they do. Great stuff.

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  6. Another vote for both, but don’t stop there. Every instrument you learn will give you a better understanding of music as a whole and improve your bass playing too.

    I play guitar and drums as well as bass and have gigged on all. I’m starting to learn piano. Why restrict yourself? Spread your wings, fella. 

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  7. The Corabi album is immense, let’s get that out of the way first.

    Now, the shameless cash-grab nature of it is quite sad, but if someone is willing to pay the money, well, you’d be a fool not to take it, no? This, coming from a band who signed contracts stating they’d never play again after the conclusion of their last “farewell” tour and who have cashed in in all manner of depravity, is a little tame, in truth.

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  8. Yep, you'd have to go with tiny, tiny frets to make the fretless area any way playable, especially in the area immediately after the frets. I remember a band around Dublin in the early 90's where the bassist had one of these. It's an interesting idea, definitely, but there are good reasons you don't see them around.

  9. Cory Wong and his sublime funk in Cork on Thursday and Dublin last night. Simply fantastic. A doff of the cap must go to young Seth Tackaberry who handled bass duties with great skill. I was delighted to see Petar Janjic drumming, comfortably one of the most engaging, entertaining and jaw-droppingly good drummers I have ever seen. I love to see a band who look like they’re having fun and, with that band playing that music, it would be impossible not to. Two great nights, for sure.

  10. 9 hours ago, phil.c60 said:

    Indeed. Having seen a young (male) friend of my sons bring the house down in a crowded pub sitting on a bar stool with an acoustic guitar singing Britney's "Hit Me Baby One More Time" I'd say that nothings un-coverable if you have style, talent, your own take on it and the cojones.

    Sounds like he covered the old Travis version?

    I’ve never heard a cover of an Iron Maiden song I could sit through and I’d rank Queen alongside them. Any band where the singer has a voice so powerful and unique (and usually with incredible range) seldom come across well when the singer’s voice doesn’t quite cut it.

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