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  1. Pictures. I much prefer sharp pictures to shaky and fuzzy ones. I also prefer clear pictures to dark and murky ones. If I can see sharp and clear together in one picture, that’s just super. I want to see the front and the back of the instrument. I want every part of the instrument to be visible across the sum of pictures posted. I also like pictures which clearly show any damage, marks or features mentioned in the blurb. I don’t need to see an artistic b&w picture of you, from a distance, playing the bass on stage, thanks 🙂

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  2. Then the battery stays connected and using charge, even if the bass is unplugged, if it’s in active mode.

    Unplugging the cable is the simplest, most reliable and obvious way of connecting and breaking the power circuit. It’s physical switching, so little can go wrong - user excluded.

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  3. 25 minutes ago, CamdenRob said:

    I am at peak practical spatial bass capacity at the moment. Any more and I’d have to buy another stand, which I don’t have floor space for anyway 😕

    Ill have to get rid of something... 

    ...Do I really need a fridge 🤔 

    Build up. Up towards the ceiling,  all that empty space waiting to be filled with basses. You can do it 😉

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  4. 80’s and 90’s MIJ, sub-€500, that’s where you’ll find me at my happiest 🙂

    i do my own fretwork, electronics and setups so, no matter how they arrive, they all end up playing like yankee buttaaah. These cost less than £1200 collectively.


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  5. Ozzy played two warm-up club gigs on the 11th and 12th of January 1991 in McGonagles in Dublin prior to the release of No More Tears which were Mike Inez’s first and second shows with the double O. Both nights 😉

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