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  1. Still available, thought I’d bump before ebay
  2. Bought a Lakland Duck Dunn off Enrico last week. Only a brief encounter at Waterloo because I was on a quick turnaround but from our comms he revealed himself to be an excellent young man. A credit to Basschat and highly recommended as someone to deal with.
  3. Amazing, you go away for a while and this sort of stuff starts happening. Congratulations one and all.
  4. Fine fella. Bought my WTDI, all very painless, pleasure to do business with.
  5. As the title says really. This one comes with a step-down transformer so £50 posted or £40 picked up. Will take some snaps shortly.
  6. deaver

    Eden WTDI

    Last bump before eBay
  7. deaver

    Eden WTDI

    And still available
  8. deaver

    Eden WTDI

    Yes and the original box
  9. deaver

    Eden WTDI

    Lazy pre-New Year bump
  10. deaver

    Eden WTDI

    Still here - must sort photos out
  11. Eden WTDI up for grabs £65 posted. Since moving to a Zoom B3 and a TC Electronic head I've a bunch of stuff surplus to requirements. Pictures and a bit more to follow tonight
  12. [quote name='Merton' timestamp='1460476242' post='3026043'] I still rate the WT550 as the best solid state head I've ever owned. Brilliant preamp [/quote] Me too. When I've got the cash together I'll go back to one. Brilliant recording tone through the DI as well.
  13. Ahh, my first ever amp. I wonder where it is now?
  14. I concluded a deal with Alex a couple of weeks ago which involved transporting my Peavey amp to Hungary. Alex was immensely patient with me and wasn't put off by my reticence over sending the amp to Hungary. In the end I sent the amp to Alex's friend in London (Attilla) and the amp was forwarded. Alex was most charming to deal with, a good communicator and Is highly recommended to deal with.
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