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  1. For sale my 3 Leaf Audio Little Black Box - Eq and Boost. Unused been boxed since it came direct from Spencer Doren ( the owner of 3 leaf audio.

    These were destined for a pedalboard project I never got around to doing.
    NOTE: these pedals are perfect, not a ding not a scrape not a fingerprint. See my feedback, if I say it's Mint it's mint...

    Price includes UK postage only. Extra £10 for Europe.

    Proton £120

    LBB £90

    No offers please.

    Manufacturers Guff:

    Little Black The Little Black Box is an original EQ/clean boost circuit designed to add some sizzle to your tone. The EQ section features boost-only bass and treble controls as well as a switch that selects between two distinct treble frequency points - a high treble frequency that adds an airy crispness to your instrument's signal and a lower treble frequency that sounds more like a traditional treble control.
    The finish is blackened steel - a chemical process normally reserved for high-end architecture and never before used on audio equipment. Due to the hand-applied nature of the finish, each unit has a unique oxidation pattern.
    Production is limited to 99 units, available direct only.

  2. TC Electronic Polytune 2 mint unused. Bought for pedalboard project in never completed ( or started for that matter)

    Complete with all bit, box, sticker etc, unused and still has the protected film on the screen.

    £50 posted in the mainland uk.

    No trades thanks

  3. 3Leaf Audio Little Black Box. unused like new in box. not been used or gigged.
    Limited edition of 99 units.
    No4 signed by manufacturer.

    Give your passive bass some sonic sparkle.

    No discontinued after 99 units, this beats the hell out of the Xotic RC Bass Booster in sound and looks.

    £100 delivered in the uk

    No trades thanks

    Contact me for an overseas postage quote.

    Awesome tone adder for your bass. Usual bombproof 3 leaf build quality.

    Only 99 units were made.
    The Little Black Box's EQ section has bass and treble boost controls with a mini-switch to toggle the affected treble frequency. The switch has two frequency points: one higher frequency to add an "airy crispness" to your tone and a second lower point that acts more like a traditional treble control. (From: No Treble)

    Product Specs

    Condition:MintMake:3Leaf Audio Model:Little Black BoxCategories:Boutique, Overdrive and BoostMade In:United States

  4. Markbass Little Mark Tube 800 complete with markbass fitted bag. 6 months old bought late March 2016.
    Complete with lead straps and leaflets. Completely a1 condition not scratched.

    Awesome tone, I just really don't need this much power.

    No trades thanks

    £430 delivered in uk

    Contact me for overseas postage quotes.

  5. 3 leaf audio Proton 2015. Bought 7 weeks ago for a pedalboard project and never used. Only been out of the box once. Complete with leaflet, box, feet etc.

    No trades thanks

    £135 uk posted

    Contact me for overseas postage quote

    Proton 2015 - 3 leaf audio's - homage to a Mutron III.

    New features:
    Tone knob for fine control over the filter sweep.
    Increased sensitivity range for better compatibility with low-output instruments.
    Phase-correct output for predictable use in blend pedal signal chains.

  6. New untouched 3leaf audio you're doom. Bought for a pedalboard project and never used. Complete with box, feet, leaflet etc.

    No trades thanks

    Payment via PayPal gift or uk bank transfer.

    £110 shipped in the uk. For overseas postage quote contact me.

    3leaf audio (spencer) says:

    You're Doom turns the idea of a fuzz pedal on its head. It responds to your playing dynamics to generate vintage synth-inspired sounds. Strong upper octave harmonics add depth without the need of additional stompboxes, although You're Doom will also interact beautifully with the rest of your pedalboard.

    You're Doom works well on all instruments, thanks to its full frequency range output. The shape control switches between a powerful lead sound and a broad mid scoop, while the tone knob works just like a synthesizer's cutoff control to alter the high frequency content.

    It is finished in raw hot-rolled steel for a beautifully brutal look and features a soft-touch relay true bypass system that automatically switches to bypass in the event of a power failure. It uses a standard 9v DC center-negative supply (not included).

  7. T- Rex Chamleon Mint- Unsed complete with extra leads and 18v doubler lead which I bought separately.

    Brilliant power supply bought for a pedalboard project that I didn't complete..... Or start :-/

    Completely unmarked and ready to go.

    £75 uk posted

    Contact me for overseas quote.

    No trades thanks

    Payment via PayPal gift or bank transfer ( uk only).

    Manufacturers bumf.

    Introducing Fuel Tank Chameleon, our most versatile power supply yet.
    The classic T-Rex pedals you've collected over the years all work together to tell an amazing story – the story of your unique sound, and the sonic footprint you leave behind wherever you play. But to tell your story well – the way it deserves to be told – your pedals have to work perfectly. All together. Every time. With no hassles.

    Enter the new Fuel Tank Chameleon, the most versatile power supply T-Rex has ever produced. Built for players with a large
    number of diverse pedals, Fuel Tank Chameleon offers all the advantages of our other Fuel Tank power supplies, plus
    an unprecedented 4 separate voltage

    Here's what you get:
    • 6 separate outlets (use up to 5 simultaneously)
    • Your choice of 9V DC, 12V DC, 18V DC or 12V AC power
    • Isolated, 300mA outlets (1,500mA total)
    • Switchable 115V or 230V mains
    • All the cables you need
    • Compact, rugged, road-ready design
    • Legendary T-Rex quality

  8. 3 Leaf Audio Octabvre MK ii. Complete with Tim Tuning switch. Bought for a pedalboard project 6 weeks ago and not used. Completely new with all packaging box, feet etc. It's only
    been out of the box once.

    £155 uk posted

    No trades

    Payment via PayPal gift or bank transfer ( uk only).

    Overseas bidders please contact me for postage quotes.

    3 leaf audio say:

    The Octabvre MKII takes the circuit from the original and adds a toggle switch that selects between the original sound and the popular "Tim tuning" modification to bassist Tim Lefebvre's personal Octabvre. Simply pronounced "octave," it is a dual mode analog octaver that adds a harmonically rich sub octave to your instrument.

    The Octabvre features a tone knob that alters the character of the sub octave. At one end it replicates the classic tone of the Boss OC-2, and at the other end it captures the gritty sub sound of the Mutron Octave. A second footswitch with a dedicated volume control solos the sub octave for 808-inspired sounds.

  9. For Sale Diamond Bass Compressor. Bought for a pedalboard project and not used. Absolutely as new and untouched complete with all leaflets box adaptor and inverter lead.

    £140 uk mainland posted.

    No trades please.

    Payment via PayPal gift or bank transfer (uk)


    -Smooth, optical compression/limiting
    -Premium audio components, including 2% polypropylenecapacitors,1% metal film resistors and a pro audio grade opamp (our signal path opamp alone costs 8 to 10 times
    what the industry norm uses).
    – Innovative 'tilt' EQ provides a very musical tailoring of frequency response – selectable 900Hz or 250Hz tilt point
    – Dual AC capacitive coupling paths for improved
    transient response.
    – True bypass signal path
    – 18V power supply included

  10. Mint unused Diago Gigman Pedalboard complete with velcro. Note the pedal risers are not for sale, this for the new pedalboard.

    This was bought for a project and never used so unmarked and essentially new

    No trades.

    U.K. Mainland only. Payment via PayPal gift or Bank Transfer.

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