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  1. 11 hours ago, BassApprentice said:

    So I've got a Tanglwood Bassmaster Funk (Spector copy) and it's my got to jamming bass and I love the look and feel of it - my question is do the Euros come in a Satin/Matt finish or are they all high gloss? From reading I feel a used Euro would be the place to go rather than the Legend. 

    A Euro is a great bass to go for. As for the finish I’ve seen a clear matt in stained black or gloss finish in most other colours. The Matt finish seems more rare on the Euro though and was mostly used on the now discontinued Rebop bolt on neck basses. 👍

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  2. 13 minutes ago, itsmedunc said:

    You would have to put these up just after I've talked myself out of a 6x10 because of the logistics!

    Sorry Fella - you won't be disappointed though - one person can easily lift a cab and they sound amazing on their own let alone coupled as three. :)

  3. Orange Four Stroke 500 Head in as new condition complete with lead manual and footswitch. Switched on less than 10 times and completely immaculate.

    Im only selling as I really (sadly) don't need this much power as Im not gigging atm.

    Sounds very clean and meaty and has an amazingly adaptable EQ (good enough for a certain Mr Harris).

    Would prefer collection or meet up but can be shipped to UK Mainland for £30.

    Payment by BT or Paypal Gift.

    No Trades sorry.

    Please see BC feedback for Rhysyjob










  4. SKB 2u Short Rack Case - completely mint and as new with screws.

    Never left the house, hence 100% condition with no scrapes or scuffs.

    Perfect for an amp.

    Only selling as I am not using it for a rig I dreamed up so no longer needed.

    UK Mainland postage £20

    Payment by BT or Paypal gift.


    No trades please

    See Basschat feedback for Rhysyjob.





  5. For sale - 1 mint Barefaced Two10 S ( switchable12/4 ohms) Cabinets with Barefaced Covers.  cab is boxed.

    The cabs have only been used 3 times and never gigged hence they are 100% as new and unmarked. I am only selling because I really don't need this much power (sigh).

    They can be switched to 12 ohms to run as a 6x10 that you can lift and fit in a hatchback, or used as stand alone cabs switched to 4 ohms.

    Needless to say they sound amazing and easily rival a 8X10

    Will spilt £450 each cab plus £25 UK mainland postage (per cab)

    Payment via BT or Paypal Gift

    No Trades Please

    Collection welcome (especially if you are buying the three)











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  6. The euro has a 3ply maple through neck alder, walnut and maple body. The Rebop is basically the bolt on neck version (not sure about the walnut).

    They sound quite different although its down to personal taste which one is better suited to your ear.😊



  7. Sorry I can’t do it 😢.

    Well Im really not sure about selling this, but the time has come to thin the herd so.... here is my very rare Spector Euro4lx Rachel Bolan in completely immaculate condition complete with Spector Hardcase.

    The bass has not left the house and is ungigged, hence it is completely scratch and ding free.

    It sounds amazing and for that reason I may change my mind.

    Happy for buyer to collect in person.

    UK Courier £20.

    Contact me for European postage quotes.

    Payment via Paypal gift or BT.

    No Trades thanks.

    Spector Euro 4 LX Rachel Bolan Signature

    Euro4LX Rachel Bolan (Skid Row)
    The Spector Euro4LX Rachel Bolan features the unique Spector carved body shape, made from European Alder, with USA Maple top. Hi Gloss Metallic Black Sparkle finish. The neck is a Graphite reinforced, 3 pcs Maple neck, with Rosewood fingerboard, and Red Crown inlays. Neck Thru design. EMG P/J pickups, plus the Spector Tonepump 2 band preamp.
    Chrome Hardware.

    WOOD:  3pc Maple with Graphite Rods inside for additional strength
    FINGERBOARD: Ebony, with red Crown Inlays®
    RADIUS: 16″
    WIDTH AT NUT: 1.64″

    Our original NS curved and carved body shape
    WOOD: USA Maple over European Alder

    BRIDGE: Spector zinc brass alloy locking bridge, with intonation screws
    STRAP BUTTONS: Schaller locking
    Brass Nut

    BRIDGE PICKUP: EMG J (“SJ” size)
    ACTIVE TONE CONTROLS: Spector TonePump +18db boost only, bass and treble
    Internal output trim pot to fine tune output to your needs
    CONTROLS : bridge pickup volume, neck pickup volume, treble boost, bass boost

















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  8. Line 6 Helix in completely as new unmarked and unrigged condition complete with all the protective screen films still attached to the displays.

    Completely unmarked and as new condition (unit and bag) see pictures.

    I wanted the Billy Sheehan Pearce Tone but I've come to the conclusion I am not a multi-fx guy.

    Comes with a Mono M80 Pedalboard Bag and all the leaflets including:

    - Two Power Leads

    - Two Interface Leads

    - Helix USB and all leaflets

    No Trades

    Collection ok.

    UK Courier £20.

    Payment via Paypal Gift or BT.

    European postage quotes - email me












    Every Nuance Captured

    Rumour has it that the clever folks at Line 6 literally dismantled their selection of amplifiers and effects, capturing every microscopic detail of their tonal variables several times over. Because of this, it took up to a month for them to complete each amp and effect model - it's this level of commitment that ensures that the Helix profiles are accurate beyond belief. 

    The age-old argument about valve amps & analogue effects vs. amp modelling has long divided guitarists and producers alike. The Helix somehow manages to tread the fine line between digital tweakability and analog warmth, combining the best of both worlds for the ultimate amplification experience. 

    More Options Than You Could Imagine! 

    The Helix allows you to run up to four amplifiers simultaneously with up to 32 effects all running on four discrete stereo signal paths for ultimate clarity. This means you can take full advantage of the enormous number of options at your disposal to craft your perfect tone! This includes adjusting mic types and positioning, total control over signal chain, panning, studio-quality compression, multi-band EQ tweaking and much, much more.   

    Ultimate Connectivity

    There's a chance you already own a rig that you've poured your heart and soul into. Line 6 have taken this on board, so they know that you aren't just going to ditch your boutique effects and amplifiers. They've kindly included extra connectivity options so you can use incorporate your own gear whilst making the most of the Helix's massive potential.

    You'll have the ability run four loops of your own external effects pedals, as well as change channels on your amplifier either via MIDI or 1/4" jack - it won't be long before the Helix becomes the true centrepoint of your entire rig! 

    Reinvented Interface

    We've all struggled with fiddly interfaces and overwhelming lists of menus, switches and parameters - this can make it difficult to change settings in real-time and adapt to your musical surroundings. Line 6 went above and beyond to make sure that wasn't the case with the Helix.

    The massive 6.2" LCD display shows your guitars signal path, and can be easily navigated using the 6 smart edit knobs and master control knob - you'll be setup and editing within 5 minutes of opening up the box!

    But that isn't easy to control while you are on stage. That is why Line 6 fitted a set of 12 touch-sensitive footswitches that let you adjust pretty much any parameter on the fly. Got too much reverb? Want to remove or bypass an effect? No problem - just touch or tap away! It really is that responsive!

    Follow The Light!

    We've all tried sticking electrical or masking tape onto our pedalboards so that we can dance our way around on a dark stage! Luckily, the Helix's footswitches are backlit and colour co-ordinated, so you'll have no problem differentiating your different presets. The colours and arrangement are also fully adjustable, so you can tweak and stomp in vivid fashion with ease

    Rugged & Tour-Ready

    The Helix is built with the busy, touring musician in mind. Its solid aluminium construction and rugged switches can withstand even the biggest, heaviest steel toe caps night after night. This thing is designed to not only be feature packed, but to be able to handle anything you throw at it! 

    Artists' Seal of Approval

    The Helix was very quickly lauded as a ground-breaking bit of gear that changed the way guitarists approached their rigs. It now sits comfortably on the boards of countless players such as Dustin Kensrue (Thrice), Pete Thorn (Alicia Keys, Chris Cornell, Don Henley), Chris Robertson (Black Stone Cherry) & Isaiah Sharkey (John Mayer, D'Angelo, Jennifer Hudson), and many, many more - this roster speaks for itself! 


    • Dual DSP-powered HX modeling engine
    • 45 amps, 30 cabs, 16 mics and 70 effects
    • 6.2" LCD display
    • 12 touch-sensitive footswitches for editing
    • 10 inputs, 12 outputs (including 4 effects loops)
    • 8-in/8-out USB audio interface
    • 3 expression pedal outs
    • Mic-level XLR input
    • S/PDIF, AES/EBU, and L6 Link digital outputs
    • Capacitive touch-sensitive switches for parameter recall
    • Assignable RGB LED color rings
    • Customizable LCD scribble strips
    • Preset or stompbox modes
    • Integrated looper
    • Solid-aluminum construction
    • Tour-grade footswitches
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