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  1. 10 hours ago, Pirellithecat said:

    Nooo! ...... what's the neck width at the nut, and is there a photo of the machine heads? 

    I'm at at all interested, not even a tiny bit, no, no interest whatsoever ..............



    Morning mate, just measured and its approx 41mm at the nut and here's a photo of the machine heads (assuming you meant rear but if you need any more let me know) 

    P bass https://imgur.com/gallery/0LTtBCR

  2. Thinking of selling my lovely P Bass which I got through this very forum a while back.

    Consists of the following:

    Genuine Fender roadworn sunburst body and hardware
    Squier made in Japan Neck
    Dimarzio PJ pickups.
    Strung with la Bella flats

    It's a great bass but I'm not using it and could do with the cash to pay for wedding things!

    I can take additional pictures if required (the tone knob is present, I just need to put it back on and tighten it up!)

    I'm asking £500 ono.

    Collection from Blyth or can post fully insured. May take a small trade in but would have to be mainly cash.

    Thanks for looking 👍

    Fender P Bass https://imgur.com/gallery/OlFs29r

    Fender P Bass https://imgur.com/gallery/IubqHWk



  3. Lovely PJ that I'm selling as I no longer need it due to the band I was using it in no longer gigging. 

    Specs are as follows:

    One piece maple neck which is nice and chunky (no logo on it) 
    Body is an early vintage brand which is ash
    EMG Geezer Butler pickups which sound great!

    Looking to get what it owes me at £275.

    Can post fully insured for £15 to mainland UK

    Any questions please let me know.

    Thanks for looking





  4. Was planning on keeping this but something else has caught my eye...

    Sire v7 for sale.
    Recent purchase.

    £310 posted mainland U.K.  

    I’ve barely played it since I got it. Strings are still brand new D'Addario Nickel 45 - 130 and it was set up by the Bass Doc when the previous owner had it. 

    Any questions let me know. 






  5. 1 hour ago, P_bass_1983 said:

    Very nice! I have the white version and am very tempted to get another. This is the most roadworn one of these I have seen, did it come like this or did you do some extra waring yourself? 

    When I purchased it used it was already like this. If it’s been done by someone other than fender (assuming it was) it’s certainly been done well as there’s no rough edges. I love the bass but just fancy a change and freeing up a bit of cash wouldn’t go a miss as I’m now the proud owner of a T4 camper... expensive beasts

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