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  1. Hey Guys Im trying to find a decent interface that will enable me to practice/learn songs etc using my iPhone and playing to songs on Spotify etc. I’ve tried a few interfaces - sonicport, iRig, Link etc - but they are all pretty bad quality/headphone output is crap. I’ve tried fiddling with all the settings and have spent ages trying to tweak and force them to work - but have failed! is there a good interface out there that will work with iPhone iOS 13.0 ??? cheers!! JB
  2. Yes! Pickup height has done it. - thanks Guys. Yep - obviously I don’t want both guitars to sound the same - but the tonal difference was huge & the sensitivity was also very high . Sorted now 😡😜
  3. I’ve noticed straightaway that the Warwicks pickups seem far more gutsy/powerful/sensitive than the Stingrays- in actual fact loads of people at gigs etc say that the old Warwick sounds much better than the new ‘Ray!!! - WHICH IS REALLY PISSING ME OFF as I had to wait nearly 6 months for it to be made/despatched. Played ‘flat’ the Stingray sounds good but I have to really bump up the gain to get it sounding anything like the Warwick. Am thinking I may upgrade the pickup on the ‘Ray ???? What do you guys think?? JB
  4. I had a TC rig for a while ... Bc210 BC 212 & BH500 ... I got fed up with it not being able to produce any decent volume/quality no matter what I did to try and improve it. So I investigated and found out about the TC (RMS?) Watt-gate!? Issue. I sold it and the Genz Benz rig I had follow this was excellent - with no lack of output. I really would like to invest in a new TC Blacksmith & 2x 4x10 cab rig but once bitten twice shy etc.....
  5. Does anyone use two separated cabs / does it improve the sound quality rather than using cabs as a stack etc? Thanks Guys jB
  6. Hey guys! Soz for delay .... I use a Genz Benz Streamliner ( backup) and an Aguilar 751. Am thinking about 4x barefaced 4x10s... I tried out Bergantino cabs & wasn't too impressed. Also Ampeg 8x10 .... What does everyone rave about these for? Sounded muddy/too much middle and not enough definition. I think I better call Alex at BF...... 😉
  7. What do you think guys? I want to upgrade my rig to a 900 - 1000 RMS amp and 2 -cab (4x10) + (2x10) set up. Tried out ampeg SVT - not impressed. Mesa + Eden are in the running.... V impressed with WT Eden & cabs though....( OR Barefaced??) HELP!!!!!!!!! JB
  8. Hi are you guys still looking for a bass player? I live on the border of Enfield, been playing a while and wondered if you filled the seat? JB
  9. Hi are you guys still looking for a bass player? JB
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