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  1. Due to someone rear ending my car, and probably going to be a write off, I need to replace my car. Many cars these days seem to have the rear bits filled in inside the boot, reducing the width of the boot. I prefer to have my bass in my boot, so when I'm away from the car there aren't any temptations from potential opportunists. What car do you drive that can fit a bass and small (aguilar SL112) cab in the boot. Ideally I'm looking for a ULEZ compliant car.
  2. Afternoon all, I'm after some recommendations (again). Currently using wired IEM packs P1 & P2's. But the wires are getting in the way and no a good option for one particular show. Most of the time the sound co, will be supplying wireless packs, but there are a few where we need to supply them. My question is are LD wireless systems any good? I've spoke to singers who say they are good, but not any bass players that have used them. Currently I can't stretch to the sennheiser system and I will need something before I can stretch to that.
  3. That's interesting. Excuse my ignorance on this. Would that mean that the IE pack sits on top of my bass amp (or DI) rather than my belt? Then both ends start from the same place. The problem I have in the cable behind me. The guitar lead comes out the front on my bass, I don't put it through the strap like many players do.
  4. Thanks for both your replies. I'm not on wireless for my bass, I think guitarists are. I do have a fixed wired pack Behringer P1. However for one show, I keep tripping over the lead each time I step back. One show includes shadows music complete with walks. I'll check out those LD systems once they are on the market. I think it's always better to get user reviews and experience first before making any purchases. Saves making an expensive mistake.
  5. I've looked through a few pages of this thread, but realised since it started, there any many new products on the market. Does anyone have any good suggestions for wireless systems that don't need a license. Up to now, I've worked with a show where they provide wireless packs. I'm working with another show and need to be mobile and I'm considering getting my own unit. What can you recommend that isn't too expensive.
  6. I often gig with a reading drummer. He usually just has the parts sketched out with fills written where needed. Like your guy he probably knows all the material, but sticks to reading. I can read, but prefer to learn stuff. Once I read something, I won't be able to remember it if the music is taken away, I'd still have learn it with out the music. I've spoken to a few players of different instruments that are the same. I heard a story of a show advertising for a reading drummer. The drummer that turned up was given the music, first track counted in, no drummer. MD stopped, started again, still no drummer. When asked why he wasn't play, he replied he didn't know what to play. He was told to play whats on the music. Only to reply he doesn't understand music. "But you're a reading drummer". Yes I can read. Books! Not music it turned out.
  7. I'm selling a few of my bass guitar tutorial type books. £5.00 each includes postage etc (UK). 5 string bassic fundamentals - includes CD Funk bass fills - includes CD - Sold Pending usual Bass Grooves by Ed Friedland - Sold pending usual Any questions just ask. My Feedback:-
  8. A few years back I purchase the SL112 in favour of the TKS which I had intended to buy. It did cost a lot less then, but still quite expensive. At the new price, I wouldn't even consider plugging it in to try it.
  9. Not sure I'd trust that guarantee
  10. I'm after a bass player to cover a gig in Aberdeen. It's for an Elvis tribute show on 16th March 18. It's likely to be 70's set, so electric bass in the Style of Jerry Scheff (mostly). Ideal if you know Elvis material. Paid. Let me know if you're interested.
  11. natjag


    Link works for me.
  12. PM'd asking more specific about your trade requirements.
  13. Thanks for posting this. I'm gonna check out the London date, which isn't listed on his website.
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