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  1. Very interesting cab. How long would it take to be delivered to the UK?
  2. Is this topic still live? Oh well, the inevitable happened - I installed EMGs in my Spector Legend and blew the speaker in my REDSUB after 3 gigs! Really dubious about Gear4Music, so I installed an Eminence Legend 1x10. Sounds awesome (def recommended as an upgrade) and goes down to 47 hz. Hasn't been gigged yet though!
  3. Hi there, would you be prepared to post this cab to Manchester?
  4. Lord BUMPington-Smythe of BUMPshire I presume!
  5. Hi all. My nifty Hartke LH500 has got to go; I'm downsizing my gear. Specs are as follows: 500w into 4 ohms, passive & active inputs, 3 band eq, limiter and bright switch. This is a good, simple, loud amp which has served me well for 2 years and has been kept in a Stagg case since day one. It was serviced in April and had the valve replaced. £180 ono. Treat yourselves guys, this is a 50% saving on new! I'm in the South Manchester area. Cheers PS, Sorry, unable to upload pics, but if you are interested, I'm sure they can be emailed.
  6. Hi, I recently bought a Redsub BT5110 and it made it's debut last night. It was used by my band and the support act in a pub-sized venue not mic-ed up. Wow, this baby coped admirably, no probs being heard, maybe needs another lightweight cab to do justice to the low B on my Spector, nothing but thumbs-ups from me otherwise . Bargain of the year.
  7. Okay, it's RedSub report time. My BT5110 made its live debut last night and under difficult circumsatances, it shone. Both my band (Addiction Lane) and the support act (Rogue Frequency) are loud rock bands and I shared the amp with their bass player. It easily coped with the support act who only have one geetar. My band is a 2 guitar line up and I pushed the amp a bit. Surprisingly, everyone said I could still be heard. Might need another cab though because it did struggle slightly with my Spector's low B string. Both bands were impressed with how much sound could come from a small box. Reliable so far... It also meant I could carry bass, amp and gig bag in one trip which saves my poor old back from even more abuse.
  8. Respector


    I have the Bubinga Spector Legend 5 which I absolutely love. After my prized Status was stolen many years ago, I swore that I'd never get another expensive bass again. The Spec is the only budget bass I've found that doesn't make me miss my Status. Playability is sweeeeet and the sound is fine as well. Unless I come into some serious dosh, this may well be my last bass! Got a couple of EMGs lying around beggin to be installed as well...
  9. Not heard much about the RedSub on this thread so far, having just bought one, I haven't used it at a gig yet. Saturday should be its debut. Fingers crossed that it passes muster. I'm not getting rid of my Hartke just yet though. Will keep you all posted.
  10. Hi fellow denizens of subterrainia. Been playing bass for donkeys, always scanned, but never got involved with BC (what a loser) being anti-social and distrustful of FB, Twits etc. Recently bought an amp which has changed my view of bass forever. The REDSUB BT5110c. The only place I;ve ever seen any info bout these amps is on BC! Having suffered with s degenerative back condition for many years, I've been looking for a loud, portable and most of all cheap bass rig. A virtually impossible task until accidentally discovering Redsub on Amazon. Well impressed, and will use it in anger this weekend. Hope it holds up! Anyway - me. I'm mid 40s, and have been playing a mixture of covers and originals in Addiction Lane, bumming around the North West for well over a decade now. My current gear is a Spector Legend 5 (bubinga) which I lurve. Aside from the aforementioned RS, my monolithic rig is Hartke LH500 and Ashdown ABM 1x15 and 2x10 cabs. I am looking to downsize and sell this gear. Let me know if you are interested. Cheers for now and enjoy bassing,
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