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  1. It has all been said already, but top notch seller. Valeton Dapper was dispatched by Dan quickly and arrived in great working condition and well packaged within 2 days. Would recommend buying from him.
  2. Hello! Whereabouts are you in the process of building the P bass?
  3. I've got the MXR analog chorus pedal, use it for a few tunes in my Cream/Hendrix tribute act and sounds great! Especially for 'Tales of Brave Ulysses'. Also great to have as a resource for cover acts in general, as you never know where it may show up.
  4. Sun King or Golden Slumbers from the B-side are where it's at for me!
  5. Thanks Cameron, that’s really useful advice! How would you describe the sound?
  6. Yes...Yes I am. Might as well have a black eye and bloody nose from the amount of punch 😂
  7. Thinking of changing my P-Bass and Fretless to nylon tapewounds but need some advice on what to go for! Any brand recommendations? Also confused about the string gauge for them, can anyone help me out? Cheers Dave
  8. Hello! My name is Dave and I am a bassist in North Kent. Been playing around 12 years now. Been a member on the site for a while but never really introduced myself! Gear includes a heavily modded Fender mexican deluxe active P-bass and a '86 Ibanez Musician Fretless, all played through a Tone Hammer 500 with a Bergantino 1x12. Mostly rock/metal throughout my teenage years, think Zeppelin mixed with Nirvana and Iron Maiden. Now I would say I edge more towards soul and funk (recent convert to foam under the bridge)! Play for a rap/R'n'B artist, 'Fennie', a Cream and Hendrix tribute act, appropriately named 'Creami-Hendrix' and a function/party band, 'The Rockets Collective. Links: https://www.facebook.com/davidnevittmusic/ https://www.facebook.com/CreamiHendrix/ https://www.therocketscollective.com Also a proud runner up of the Rotosound competition from earlier this year, I wear the t shirt with pride!
  9. My new band Creami-Hendrix are playing tonight at The Queens Head in Boughton tonight (28th Sept). As you may have worked out by the name, we are a Cream and Hendrix tribute act! We had our first show last night and it was a blast. I'm sure that tonight will be just as good 😉 Here's the link to the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/658613757955033/ Our own page: https://www.facebook.com/CreamiHendrix/ And a video from last night: https://www.facebook.com/davidnevittmusic/videos/2458714447516722/ Hope to possibly see some of you there! Dave
  10. Duff McKagan probably! His sound was one of my biggest inspirations when I started playing bass, would always try to replicate it (to no avail unfortunately)
  11. Bump! Really need this gone!
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