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  1. Well, they're only £199 new, which is insane for the build quality and sound. So £150 was me having shiny new bike syndrome, but as the bloke bought it new and turned it round to me 'as new'. I guess it's not a bad bargain.
  2. I have had 40 basses in 8 years. I've liked some more than others. A Peavey Grind 5 string, Hohner 6 B Bass, and Fender MM P bass stand out. But my current one is the best, yet I came by it largely by accident. Irked by my blues crowd taking the michael if I played anything wider than a 4 string, but wanting a B string, I thought I'd buy a cheap 4 string and convert it to BEAD stringing. So I went on Fleabay to find a dog I could experiment with - and came across a Revelation P bass. The pictures were very fuzzy and indistinct, but the price was good at £150. So I bought it. Only to find too late it was an unlined fretless. Eeek... Any road, it arrived and it seemed straight out the egg. And the quality was impressive - almost as good as a Sire (sans 18v electrics) for half the price even new. I did the nut slot file thing to cater for bigger strings and strung it with the lower end of a 6 string La Bella nickel rounds set. It played OK, but very deep and thuddy and I couldn't get used to it. So I reverted to EADG stringing with the flatwounds it came with (Picato? dunno). And - possibly critically - I added an old KiOgon loom I had kicking around from another project. Result? Bass heaven. Totally my sound, handles great. and the smaller strings don't seem to mind the slightly widened nut slots. Most of all, with a fair few hours hard practice, I find playing unlined isn't that hard. I think this puppy was meant to be. Who knows, it might actually stay.
  3. do the electrons flow as they should? is it fractured in any way?
  4. Anyone got any tips on how to remove a nut which is embedded in a slot in the fingerboard, as against being simply glued on the end?
  5. Gorgeous. Me want, me can't have. GLWTS.
  6. A lovely bass but no longer needed for the project it was intended for. The bass is in really great condition with very few marks. The Ebanol fingerboard has slight roundwound marking but surface only and it doesn't affect the playing. It's currently got a brand new set of D'Addario XL165 rounds on, but comes with Rotosound flatwounds. Pots and truss rod work fine. Light and well balanced. Properly setup and intonation set and the nut slots dropped to 0.5mm. I can meet up within say 30-40 miles of Diss in the middle of East Anglia, or I have the materials to post securely wrapped for £20 extra. [I hope it's obvious that heavy mottling in the pix below is simply reflections of the gravel beneath, not a death rash]
  7. Just paid my sub for listing items and had it accepted but the site won't let me post and says I'm expired. EDIT... OK, now seems to work. Ignore me.
  8. GLWTS - might think about it meself.
  9. The stack pot on my GB75 has gone. Cort's UK website is down, and rumour has it they've changed distributors. Any one got a clean 100k pot that would fit - cash waiting?
  10. Blimey, sounds like you've more experience (and kit) than the rest of us put together lol
  11. See, ain't that strange. I love the clarity of my Markbass. But I owned two Vanderkley cabs and found them muddy and unpleasant. Got rid as soon as I could.
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