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  1. My father built the pipe organ for our local church. He also paid for piano lessons with a wizzened crone who kept disappearing into the kitchen every five minutes to return reeking of sherry. When I pointed out to the font of my genes I really needed some way of practising at home the reply was: "I've created a church organ, what more do you want?" As pipe organs don't really have a 'quiet' mode, painfully bad renditions of Chopsticks echoed briefly round the (small) town centre to the acute embarrassment of the 8 year old generating them. I gave up keys very, very soon afterwards.
  2. FWIW I used a fine grade sandpaper (400 or higher) and then finished it with nothing. I did it with some care and didn't try to to get back to the wood, just 'flat it down' a tad. Why put anything on? You've just gone to some effort to take it off.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Out of 40 basses down the years, I’ve only had two I really bonded with. The first was a Peavey Grind 5. As I note elsewhere, I just shelled out on a Sire 5 P7 FL, shiny new, fair bit of money. My ‘other’ bass is a Revelation unlined fretless worth very little (foreground in pic). Like teh Peavey, the Revelation jumps into my lap and plays itself, the Sire doesn’t.
  5. So here's a thing. After much thought and research i just bought a Sire P7 5 string fretless (£470) to replace my el cheapo ageing Revelation unlined fretless P bass clone (less than half that price new). Which one is the more beauty? Wellll, honestly? Back to back I SO much prefer the old bass. Sire... weight, looks, shape size tick. Sound, even fiddling with the knobs (and I've had four Sires before), not me. At all, so far. The learner stripes confuse me and having the dots in the wrong place even more so. Yes I know I only just got it but... sadly I suspect the Sire may be back on the road to Guildford again PDQ.
  6. I used to think that but I used Hermes for a big flurry of low value eBay activity recently and they lost just one (very) small package and were pretty professional about the follow-up. TBH I've had issues with Herpes, ParcelFarce, DHL, UPS. I usually go through Interparcel. And never had a total major failure with any of them. In fact the worse offender statistically for me for slowness and loss is Thomann. They've lost a couple of packages and an amp arrived with the box so stove in I can only assume their carriers were having a caber tossing contest with it. But they're all a ton better than they were a few years ago.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. You missed out Revelation, by Alan Enwhistle. Under £200 brand new, my fretless P bass kicks the nuts of every other P bass clone I've ever had (Squier, Westfield) and only really lost out to my MiM in the quality stakes.
  9. I wouldn't be where I am today without Scott. I was with him very early on. He tried out a couple of ideas on me, I said no, he did them anyway and never went wrong. Which is why he is worth last time I looked north of a couple of million, and I'm ...not. And he is a nice chap.
  10. Loathe them, chucked them within a day of fitting them. But that's just me, obv.
  11. I searched but couldn't find this question - if I've missed a massive thread, then please delete. I am nosing around Sires again - fretless this time. But I am confused about the body wood choice, swamp ash or alder. I am confused because of conflicting online advice. Some sources say alder is heavier, darker, warmer, while ash is lighter in every way, weight and sonically. Then other sources say exactly the opposite! Is it that ash is wildly inconsistent, some examples being darker in tone and heavier in weight, or what? Is there a consensus?
  12. Afterthought - on further inspection I can't figure out the headstock badge. It's curved shape almost works for me, but at the same time it seems to be a sticky outy add on? I know this section is not the place for discussion, but as the owner (or maker?) seems to be aboard this thread, I thought I'd balance out my total admiration for the body and especially the single cut shape with a query re. headstock design. Bin me if I done bad.
  13. Revelation P bass ( Bass Gallery, other) is awesome for the price (< £200 new). Curious about your user name. Bit negative?
  14. agreed. it' suprising how many makers get the shape wrong. After a Shuker, this is only the second example where a maker got it right IMHO. To such an extent I didn't even notice it was a single cut until @Cuzzie pointed it out
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