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  1. lownote12

    To Cull or Not to Cull...

    I have only been able to afford a couple of basses at a time. But I have serially gone through 35+ in 7 years. I now seem to have found out what I want. I have a P bass bitza (92 Squier neck on Affinity body, Tonerider pup, KiOgon loom) for blues jams, and a 6 string Hohner B Bass VI for everything else. Remarkably I have been free from GAS for a while. But that could be because I now keep buying and then selling saxophones.
  2. lownote12

    I'm gonna be in so much trouble at rehearsal

    well, it's a great piece for a lazy bassist. you could forget the bass line and just duet / converse with the guitarist. that's what i used to do and never got told off.
  3. lownote12

    SBL Technique Accelerator Course

    Awesomeness to date. My heart sank when I learned we were to spend the first week on just holding the bass. And the second lesson just working on the plucking hand's middle two fingers. But in fact it's been great and already improved my playing no end - speed, volume control, accuracy, sense of rhythm n so forth. Mind you, as the postman said through my shed window the other day 'look on it this way, you can only get better'. Cheeky blighter. Can't imagine how he's going to fill the other 24 lessons but enjoying it so far.
  4. lownote12

    SBL Technique Accelerator Course

    A girl can always change his mind
  5. lownote12

    “Lock in with drummer”

    I seem to remember Scott Devine devotes a lesson to this. It's not simple - sometimes you lock with the kick drum, sometimes with the high hat. Sometimes the drummer does the detail and the bass takes a back seat, then the drummer lays back and you provide the detail. Then you can lean on the beat and other times you lean back on the beat. I swear you musos make it up half the time.
  6. Luvly, but domestics forbid investment. Otherwise I'd have that 210 off you in a thrice (whatever a thrice is) GLWTS. I love MB cabs.
  7. Just to upset everyone: I bought Vanderkleys and Barefaced cabs at the same time by accident so I had the chance for a back to back comparison. Despite wanting the Vanderkleys to be better I much preferred the BFs. Then I tried Markbass and the BF went out the door. My ears, my gear MHO>
  8. lownote12

    London Vacation later this October

    And a valuable one - that offer of a free hour's worth a lot of money in lost fares to him. I'd do more than than 'keep him in mind' TEJ.
  9. lownote12

    London Vacation later this October

    Don't confuse Stratford (a not particularly nice part of east London ) with Stratford upon Avon ( where Bill Waggledagger came from).
  10. lownote12

    London Vacation later this October

    Hey PBS, I'm always taking black cabs. Why don't you put a small sign on your partition window. No one not on here will pay it attention, but any members who've seen this will be able to Hi you up.
  11. lownote12

    London Vacation later this October

    Wunjos in Denmark Street, central London, is a great bass shop but on a smaller scale than the Bass Gallery. There are various Python fan sites that might help, e.g. : https://londontopia.net/guides/monty-pythons-london/ . This site may help with fish and chip shops https://www.timeout.com/london/restaurants/londons-best-fish-and-chip-restaurants When you say special foods, it's a bit harder. Despite a reputation for having rubbish food, London and the UK generally offers a far more sophisticated range of foods than most other countries, in my experience. North and south England have different specialties. Whelks and jellied eels are ethnic to London (not everyone's first choice of num nums though). Chicken tikka massala and other Anglo-Indian curry dishes are now as 'English' as - well, jellied eels and may be had very widely. You don't say how familiar you are with the UK and London, or what your other interests are. The Tower of London is pretty cool for old stuff and juicy bloody history. Edit: If you are interested in history and art there are more world class+ museums and art galleries than you can shake a tour guide at. The London Eye wheel will give you a bird's eye view of London, including the Houses of Parliament but these are currently festooned in scaffolding so won't look their best again for years. Talking of tour guides, London is a major city with a vast concentration of interesting stuff. Four days should give you a decent chance to see lots of things, but best to book on a tour or two so you don't waste time wandering around. I doubt whether you're a Harry Potter fan, but in case you are the Harry Potter exhibition on the NW outskirts of London is a must, but it is eye wateringly expensive - around a $100 US per person. Have fun
  12. lownote12

    What Strings Are Doing it For You?

    La Bella RX nickels
  13. lownote12

    New Old Bassist would Appreciate Advice...

    Hey, at 63 I see you as a mere child! Start with root notes, play something simple that you like. Get in a band as soon as you can. Focus on hitting the beat more than the right note (although both is ideal, obviously). Join Scotts Bass Academy even if money is tight, it's worth it. Don't waste money on face to face trainers.
  14. lownote12

    SBL Technique Accelerator Course

    I'm doing it even though most of my time is spent doing sax now. If its rubbish or too boring you can always get your money back within 30 days. I doubt it will be... although 6 months just on where you put your pinky seems a real deep drill-down.