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  1. The stack pot on my GB75 has gone. Cort's UK website is down, and rumour has it they've changed distributors. Any one got a clean 100k pot that would fit - cash waiting?
  2. Blimey, sounds like you've more experience (and kit) than the rest of us put together lol
  3. See, ain't that strange. I love the clarity of my Markbass. But I owned two Vanderkley cabs and found them muddy and unpleasant. Got rid as soon as I could.
  4. IMHE not all. I bought a TC BC 210 cab once sight unseen and it came from a smoking home. I scrubbed that mf with every detergent I could find in the house and the local auto shop, and whiter spirit, and meths, hosed it with a hose, left it out in the sun and wind for 48 hours, did everything except dumping it in the sea or a Chernobyl, and the tolex (and the smell) just grinned coyly at me and kept right on going. My Barf faced Two10 was fanned with phoenix feathers and coddled and cuddled and peeled off quicker than my first girlfriend.
  5. As you're close to London I'd take myself to the Bass Gallery in Camden, they have a wide range of heads and cabs, and may have a Barefaced demonstrator. As someone mentioned modern cabs vary widely in 'colour'. Your old cabs probably won't have had enough clarity to notice. But a Markbass has a very different sound to a Barefaced One 10 which is different to a Retro Two10 - and doubtless many other makes, all different. I would strongly recommend you listen to your head through various speakers before deciding. And other heads. Again as others have said, if you like old school Markbass heads coupled with their own cabs provide a fantastic sound IMHO. For a sample, here's Michael League at a Markbass masterclass. As to power, weight, cost. A Barefaced One10 weighs 7 Kg and will take 500 watts - but costs up to £400. Also Barefaced Tolex peels. Back to my opening point really.
  6. 100 is only good a px amp, IMHO. I started out with a 100 and loved the tone. Then I got in a band playing open air gigs. Suddenly I needed 300w and am currently running on a 500w amp thru a single 8 ohm cab, so I'm getting 350 ish, which is fine. But I couldn't do with less - and this isn't deaf metal or heavy rock.
  7. Hmmm, not for me. They were my first port of call post-Picato era. But that may just be me.
  8. Anyone found strings similar to the Picato/Overwater? When I asked Bass Direct they put me onto La Bella nickel rounds. These are nice but not the same.
  9. Back in 2012 I bought a Hohner VI B Bass, the first of 3. By chance I strung it with Overwater strings. The bass loved them, and never sounded as good on any other strings. Which was a shame, because for reasons unclear Overwater stopped stocking those strings not too long afterwards. So imagine my delight when I found an unopened six pack of nickel light roundwounds for sale on Fleabay a few days back. Cost me a fortune, but the bass is happy again. Don't know why. Maybe its the construction, or the weird gauge: 028, 038, 058, 078, 098, 128. Probably the last set in the world so I'd best look after these then.
  10. A drexel is a university, according to woggle: bit big and awkward to finish pickguards off with. A dremel is a handheld drilly type thingy into the chuck of which you can place various tools, including wirebrushes, sanding bits n similar. It's an ideal way of reducing your project to a useless wobbly edged piece of [insert material], plus a pile of probably semi-burnt stringy sawdust which will get into everything for the next week.
  11. Item withdrawn to repair a noisy pot. I hope to have this back on the market once it is all lovely once more - and I have found the material needed to post it. This may be a week or two.
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