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  1. I only got into unlined because I bought one by mistake, thinking it lined . I had no choice but to try it and found with just a little practice it was easy, at least down the bottom end.
  2. Well I have now answered my own question. Toneriders do not sound good on a Vintage 940FL. Having paid to have the conversion done I have tried every conceivable combination of amp and bass EQ setting and nothing sounds as good at the Wilkinson pups combined - even if the latter were thin on the bridge pup. Now I'm going to have to spend more of my pension reversing the swap. Why can't I leave well alone? In the interests of fairness I have to say Toneriders sounded great on my old Squier P clone. But.. So boys and girls, listen to Uncle John and don't fiddle. If God wanted your Vintage fretless to have Toneriders installed he'd have done it himself.
  3. Cheers RedX I've just been fooling with the cabs again and TBH I don't like the mix much even in my bedroom. Each cab has a likeable characteristic sound that somehow becomes less pleasant when married with the other. As I only have an Ashdown head now I may as well stick with the Ash 15 and keep trying to flog the Markbass cab.
  4. I have an Ashdown 15 and a Markbass 1x12 I can't sell. So I'm wondering if pairing them would be an idea, and was something others had tried and liked. Obv I have tried it but I can't make up my mind if it sounds good or not. I know there are massive threads on the pros and cons of mixing speaker sizes. Just wondered if others had tried Ashdown with Markbass and found a particular EQ setting that cuddled them up together?
  5. Upgrading to Ki0gon is a must and no brainer. Might exclude the pre amp idea though.
  6. Not at all. I am a player and nothing more. I currently have two basses and a rig to sell which are the product of GAS over two years. I have had four calls and one sale TODAY ALONE alone from FB. Nothing from BC in weeks. BC may have many strengths but marketplace clearly isn't one of them
  7. I see no end of reasonably priced bass items that stay on BC so long they become like familiar faces. There’s one pair of Warwick cabs from @Woody1957 have been on here since April last year and this is the second time round they've been posted - so likely over a year to (not) sell two reasonably priced items. I agree FB is a bit too public for my liking but the alternative is paying a hefty fee on eBay or very likely not selling at all on here.
  8. Just started selling on FB. Impressed so far. Trying to clear bass and photographic backlog from last year’s GAS. Items are moving much quicker than on BC, even quite exotic stuff. Who’d have thought a general punter would want a 6 string bass. Now getting responses within 12 hours.Same bass items haven’t had a tickle of interest here.
  9. Been there done that successfully. Not ideal but a bit of wiggle room actually improves the sound IMHO, if you're looking for double bass cloning. I guess not ideal if you're going for crisp light clearly defined tonality.
  10. Revelation P bass, unlined fretless. Great condition. Revelation are an awesome low cost but high quality brand sold by top end London shop, the Bass Gallery. Fantastic condition, with the benefit of a Ki0gon loom conversion. And if you think unlined is awesome but scary, it’s actually amazingly easy to learn to play. Side dots checked by Bass gallery and one which was out (12th) was professionally filled and 'moved to the proper spot. Posted £150 or collection from mid East Anglia for less.
  11. Jolly good, pleased for you. Glad my gloomy predictions came to nothing!
  12. I have a feeling it is both designed and therefore good for metal. Be sure to play it to make sure you like the sound. I loved the look of these until I played one and both the build quality and sound weren't what I expected. BUT YMMV!
  13. Possibly, but there's quite a lot of holes already, so drilling more might further weaken rather than strengthen the plate. They all do it - certainly all mine have - and TBH it doesn't seem to cause any issues of note.
  14. Hohner VI B Bass Pro. Good nick, everything works. Neck thru body, double truss rod, VV stacked tone EQ, switchable active/passive. 9v. La Bella RX Nickel roundwounds - best strings you've never heard of. Spare set of new strings for extra money. Professionally crafted removable ramp. Never play fretted nowadays so she's wasted sitting on the stand. £ 225 collected. £250 posted. Might drive a reasonable distance in East Anglia to deliver.
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