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    Suffolk, near Diss
  1. Bump at £350. Might be able to deliver to London next week. £395 posted
  2. Now sold to a very nice man. Cheers Carl
  3. I am. Let's carry this on on PM
  4. I had the older 100w. Awesome bit of kit, and I echo Grangur on the tone options. Just don't expect it to keep up with a loud rock band. How on earth did we survive when 100w was the most you could get?
  5. Now reduced to £325 posted, £295 collected
  6. Now £425 posted fully insured, £380 collected.
  7. Nothing missing or broken. I tend not to sell gear that's missing or broken, at least, not without pointing it out. Weird I know. Closer ups
  8. Right Andy. I was always taught to slope the saddles to match the curve of the fingerboard.
  9. Barefaced Retro Two10 (12ohms). Weight: 14 kg. Steel grill version, and comes with a Roqsolid cover in black with black piping. The cab is in almost immaculate condition,edge only peeling of the tolex on the back. Collection preferred from North Suffolk, £350. I can post but its expensive fully insured - £395 all in. Happy with Paypal (but no fees thx) or cash on collection/meet-up. This is cheap - only a bluey more than a new One 10 and much more capable. And apart from the slight tolex peel, in almost as good a condition as a new One10. No trades I’m afraid.
  10. Fender P Bass MM icy blue metallic ("Blue Agave"). Not easy colour to photograph. Bottom pic of a jazz bass I found on the net gives you a better idea of the colour of my bass. Dates from 2005 I think. It's in great condition but does have a few small dings to the body, nothing major. In the pics it looks silver but it's actually a clear icy pale blue. Coming from Squiers, I always thought any P bass was as good as the real thing. Not so. This is built better, balances better, plays better and sounds better than any P bass clone I've had, bar none. "It's a Fender" in this case is really worth saying. Put it this way, I fitted a KiOgon loom but took it out again because the original was that much better. Genuine rosewood thumb rest and Dunlop straplock pins fitted £350 Collection from North Suffolk preferred but I can post if the buyer pays for insured cartage which will likely be £20-25.
  11. Can't post ad despite having paid

    Paypal. Ill try again.
  12. I just paid my £20 to post ads but the site still won't let me do anything over £50? So is there a delay in the system and if so how long? I had hoped to post the ads tonight but BC hasn't even emailed confirmation I've paid.
  13. Un link from thread

    Hiyah Is there any way of deleting a post or opting out of a thread once you've commented? I don't want to keep getting notifications of fresh posts in threads I've lost interest in yet I can't remove my original post that triggered the notifications.
  14. SOLD Ibanez SRSC805 DTF 5 string

    Likely going to a well known bass retailer for a commission sale if its not gone by this coming week.