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  1. What can I say? I've had two and sold them. Now I want another. So you don't get wiser as you get older. QED.
  2. Withdrawn

  3. 6 String Bass

    If you can find one buy a Hohner B Bass VI. Small, nicely balanced, active/passive, soapbar pups, twin truss rods, neck through, beautiful wood. Around £250 off eBay. I've had two and have no idea why I sold them. Anything else is a pale imitation - IMHO of course.
  4. EMG pickup height

    Thanks Hellzero - the expertise and willingness to help on this site is awesome.
  5. EMG pickup height

    Thanks. Not clear what you mean by real EMGs and mine being passive? Cheers...
  6. EMG pickup height

    Just got a Hohner B Bass V. Active/passive with EMG pups. How high should I have them under the strings? New strings but the B string is quite quiet compared to the others - even though the sound is reasonably tight and well articulated. Doesn't help that at the mo the pups aren't going anywhere up or down so whatever your advice disemboweling may be needed first.
  7. Small bass combos?

    +!. Or the Fender Rumble, TC 250 2x8, Markbass if you're feeling rich
  8. When to move to a five?

    Google for Scott Devine's video on why not to buy a five. It's actually a cheeky title, because the video is moreabout why fives are good but the hiccups you may have along the way and tips on how to make the transition. If I recall, and from my own experience, fives are heavier, the spacing can be narrower, and the extra string alters your fretboard patterns picture. The upside is being able to work across and not have to go up and down the fingerboard. While 'Jaco never needed more than four strings', a great many pros do play with a five. The best advice I've had and would give is commit 100%. Don't try and play both the 4 and a the 5, you'll never get there. Decide to play a five, find a nice five you like and then never touch the 4 again. FWIW YMMV
  9. NBD!  Actually thanks to Utterly Pathetic Service (UPS) and Interparcel who can't deliver on time, delivery will now be next week. But I have been waiting for six years to find a Hohner B Bass 5.  Only saw two for sale in all that time and both for sale abroad and expensive.  Just bought one in Bicester for under 200 notes. So another week isn't much.  See how tolerant I am?  Me nice. 

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    2. lownote12


      you don't want the transition to be too abrupt. start with them rolled up and lower the hem bit by bit.  I'm getting used to the 5er by adding a couple inches of B string every day until I'm up to the full 34.   

    3. discreet


      Good idea! What do you think, Y-Fronts or Boxers to start with..? It's still a bit chilly out.

    4. SpondonBassed



      With long trousers you only need a thong if you're nesh.

  10. Disappointing customer service at bass dealer

    I wandered into Norwich PMT a while back to blag a box for a bass I was flogging. Figuring that even asking nicely wouldn't cut the mustard for a very crumbly 63 year old who looks disturbingly like Compo, I thought I'd better buy something before asking. A charming young man, helpful, knowledgeable and chatty but never patronising or irritating, introduced me to their two secondhand bass cabs. Deciding I didn't really want a Fender combo, we switched focus to an MB 121 Traveler in great nick for £280 label. He went to endless trouble to set me up with a head I liked and left me alone in a booth to noodle as long as I needed. He was so nice I could see no alternative to buying the bloody thing (but TBF it was starting to make sense to me - God I love MB tone). Once I'd got my wallet out said lad was willing to haggle but wasn't a push over, and happily agreed to work several suitable guitars boxes into the deal (what I originally went in for, if you recall). Then when he learned I was parked 400 yards down the road he carried (yes he did) my new cab all the way to my car. I almost put him in the boot too and took him home to introduce him to my daughter. Then I remembered I don't have one.
  11. That’s well tasty innit! Plays like butter I spose
  12. Withdrawn

    Good luck with the move and the sale!
  13. Overwater Progress 3 Delux 5 string for sale

    That's OK, I've taken to calling it 1918 - which I'm sure it's not
  14. Overwater Progress 3 Delux 5 string for sale

    Ad's over a year old...
  15. London bass guitar show 2018

    I went a couple of years ago, and yesterday. The difference, primarily due to Scott Devine's influence, was astonishing. First time I took in a couple of a couple of big time stars doing their thing. The rest of it was just a cacophony of plank spankers trying to impress - who? This time Scott's workshops alone were amazing. I only had Sunday afternoon, thanks to British Rail. But in that time I got to hear and see and question Scott and his band, Rich Brown and Henrik Linder. I also saw Phil Mann, Mark Smith and Steve Lawson. And I know Bobby Vega, Yolanda Charles and Garry Willis were there too. Most of those were only there because of SD. That's amazing - and IMHO gives the thing a focus you could achieve in no other way.