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  1. I'm an expert on being a novice! . It doesn't take long to get the hang of making a noise. And learning the various things to push to make notes isn't that much harder. The biggest problem is its much more complicated than bass and it helps massively to have a very good memory. What I mean is, in bass, you learn a pattern and all you have to do is shift it around for different chords/ keys. So say you're playing a 12 bar blues in E on bass, using mostly dominant 7ths. You play the dom 7th pattern on E, shift the same pattern over to start on A, then you do the same to start on B. Don't have to think about nowt if you know your arpeggios patterns. On sax you need to learn all the notes for E, A, and B chords/ blue scales with no patterns to help you! Plus it’s a transposing instrument so you're not working in E, A and B, which the band is, but C#, F# and G# [alto, tenor's different] !! But if you can remember stuff and like the sound, go for it... a lot of bassists do.
  2. Been doing sax about a two-year now, although I first had a stab 20 years ago. How things have changed. Then a beginner sax was around £1000. Now I just bought a Chinese Eastar alto off Amazon for £250, complete with stand, mouthpiece, swabs, reeds and case. And what's more it's totally playable - albeit better with a decent mouthpiece.
  3. Not much to add. SBL is top value, but much of the content is really advanced, while Scott's own delivery can be the opposite and inane and rambling for some. Personally I don't mind it. It's like being in a mate's chat, and I'm used to him after almost 10 years. Mark Smith at Talking Bass is ridiculous value. His walking bass course especially kept me busy for months for nothing money. However, he's very bright and his stuff can be very intense leaving you huffing and puffing a bit in his wake.
  4. Check the intonation of the 12 fret marker. That one was a cm out on mine and Bas Gallery had to 'erase' the old one and make new one
  5. Funny you should say that. I was just reading up the latest thinking on multiple universes when all this wierdness happened and it certainly fits right in. I think I now have the answer to everything and it isn't 42. Trouble is I don't know how to get back to my old universe, just have to ride the wave and hope for a better iteration somewhere down the line.
  6. Revelation P bass clone, unlined fretless. Under £200 new, with quality and sound not far off Squier, even Sire, 2-3 times the price.
  7. Never mind the pedal, the average guitar itself could serve similar re-purposing
  8. No. Which isn't any help. But what i would say is unless there's something seriously wrong, why not do it yourself? If you can tie your shoelaces you can do most everything you need to. IMHO truss rod, string and pickup height and intonation are all easy-ish. Only nut slot filing and fret fettling are out of the beginner's orbit. Neither of those should be necessary.
  9. "I find no need for a tilt-back. Even if I'm standing over the cab, it disperses so well that I can hear myself easily." Found that from a BCer about the BF One10 4 years ago. That makes life easy... but thanks for the tips jrixn1
  10. What are people using to tilt back cabs that haven't got that capacity built in? Being the chihuahua of cabs, my much awaited One10 is likely to have my socks, not trousers, flapping unless I can tilt it back. And, a related question, what do people use to stop heads slipping off tolex covered tiltbacks? Tnx.
  11. It's not just eBay. I have had worse selling a bass on this site, with a return based on damage that wasn't there when it left me. I'm not going into detail because I can't prove anything, but... So , just saying it's folk, not specific sites.
  12. This week I was asked to photograph legendary tenor saxist Art Themen. Awesome musician. 81.
  13. "Woke up in the morning.... thank god for that"
  14. What's left of them. I rely on sign language from the audience.
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