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  1. I adore the Markbass sound, can't speak for the Fender. But what i would say is when discussing sound types and quality, a huge amount of change is possible if you really sit down with the EQ and play with it seriously, both inside and outside the box. I couldn't get MB to work for me until by chance I brushed the EQ knobs with my hand, sending them all over the place - and quite accidentally achieved exactly the sound I wanted. I don't think I'd ever had managed it without that accident, because they're not logical or conventional settingsd. So if you do play, try every setting to see what it does. And I found the MB filter knobs helped me get sounds I couldn't with the conventional EQ controls on their own. YMMV and IMHO.
  2. Hmm, I tried that once and found it very very difficult to get the right see- saw motion with string while keeping a grip on the sandpaper. I then used needle files and found them pretty good if you're really careful. It may just be easier and not that expensive to get a pro to do. Or do what i did on the my fourth project and that's buy some proper files and then sell them for not much less than I paid.
  3. I have the chance to purchase one of these to go with my Ashdown 300MAG head. I have eh-eh experience of TC's cheaper BC cabs (OK at low volumes, more brash and rubbish at high) and wondered what folk with experience thought of the K? It's really a choice of my Phil Jones Cab 27 v the K212.
  4. Cat used to disappear into next county if I fired up the sax. Curiously she's OK now, so I must have improved.
  5. This ad is so old I think we must assume it's no longer current - shame
  6. Blues jams are a fecund source of contacts if you're into blues. Even if you're not. My blues jam members also play all sorts of other stuff in other bands. My personal experience of Join My Band - nutcases and wannabes. Maybe they think the same of me. If you're in a rural area or other music wasteland you will be very lucky... Also, over 10 years I've seen the market change. When I started at blues jams I was often the only bassist there so got a lot of experience over an evening; in recent times every fourth attendee has had a bass. Dunno why, maybe its the growth in online learning, like SBL.
  7. Now tell me you're happening to be visiting rellies in my next village (Harleston, Norfolk) in the next few days. Sadly I'm not going anywhere near Hungerford. GLWTS
  8. Didn't Scott Devine acquire one with a bass a while back and insist on keeping it on.
  9. I oil/wax/ treat my furniture. It's the same thing. I'm sure in theory wood doesn't need oiling... does nature have some symbiote flitting round the trees with a tin of pledge and a duster? 'course not, but living wood isn't dead wood. and furntiure / basses are dead wood. and if oil/wax/ etc keeps my sideboard looking nice and healthy, I submit prercisely the same is true of a fb. Not a maple one. But a rosewood, etc one.
  10. I'm trying to think what from my experience recruiting people could help. Erm... one thing is: remember, they want to fill their course with interesting likeable people who are going to make the most of the experience, as well as being good at music. So either be astonishingly good at what you do, or be adequate at what you do and have something else fascinating and likeable.
  11. Although be aware they hold their value very well usually. Which is good when you're selling but a squeeze if you're buying.
  12. PJB Cab 27. Two 7" drivers and tweeter, rated at 200w 8ohm. Cover. £150 + £25 postage Great condition, but two marks on each side of the cab. These are not at all obvious to the eye in normal lighting, I have tried to capture them with flash - one faint scrape mark, plus another faint scrape mark with a small hole in the tolex. I have the original box with packing so posting is fine, although collection would be cheaper for you and easier all round. ** I've finally to decided to keep this as my small gig/ practice cab so I'm taking it off list and won't be bumping it. But if you see this post in future and fancy it feel free to drop me a PM **
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