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  1. + 1, 2 and 4 finger positions. I am concerned it's going to be as old hat as that. But there is the grace period with money back guarantee. So if it's too yawn I'll just back out (again).
  2. Yep. I exist to support SD's lifestyle and family.
  3. I tried BEAD because it seemed such a good idea. Loathed it. Muddy and rubbish. Just get a five string, check out online advice on how to play it, then play it.
  4. +1. Bought them by accident. V good.
  5. Hmm, seems that makes the difference. My D200 is feeding 175w into 4 ohms of cab and the volume knob is on 9.30 just playing next to my ear at home. TBH I have no gig scene, even pre-virus (too remote, too grumpy) so quality of sound in my bedroom outweighs any need for venue volume at the mo.
  6. How much difference does the power in the powered cab make?
  7. It so is, Frank. Not being a five year old I don't have the technical knowledge to demonstrate this remotely. But let me just just say this is probably the best rig I have ever had. I speak as a former lover of yellow drivers. I have a particular, non-intuitive and highly classifed tweak to the MB EQ which paints in sound a traditional smoky jazz club at 1 in the morning. But I may have to abandon this love affair as 'old journey'. Phil Jones is different, but pleasingly so - just as your new lover doesn't replace the old but holds a whole new promise of discovery. The little DS200 head (175w RMS), although old looks new and beautifully engineered like a (cliche alert) Swiss watch. The sound from the six 7" drivers is exquisite. Clear, balanced, neither warm nor clinical and with superb depth. Full, yet not trouser flapping - more Y front fondling. OK with 175w I'm not going to fill Wembley. I've yet to try it outside the man cave, but for a small folk, jazz, or even blues band in a pub, I'm fairly sure we can hold our own on volume. The quality speaks for itself. £600 all up secondhand. Not an easy buy to justify at the moment. Until I plug in.
  8. I used to use linseed oil on my gun stocks. Nasty sticky stuff but does the job. Be careful you don't leave linseed soaked cloths stored - they can spontaneously combust. " Rags soaked with linseed oil (especially when stored in a restricted space where any heat produced cannot dissipate) are a known fire hazard." - East Sussex Fire & Rescue
  9. FYI Scott Paddock tells me he will have his rival online school open in August.
  10. So my latest project comes together, albeit a week late thanks to Royal Snail. Phil Jones D200 head, Cab 27, Cab 47; Revelation P bass fretless with flats Nearest I'm likely to get to a DB.
  11. Having fitted three of your superb looms now and having had this issue on two of those I managed in the end but I spent the first few gigs wondering if one of the wires will suddenly pop out. So my vote is for making it a non problem if it's not making a bigger problem to fix it. In other words, if I'm the only person with this issue, ignore me .
  12. Trouble is I like me bare ends short so nothing sticks out and touches other wires. But then I've got too little to twist. Again... like we did last summer, dum de dum.. last year....
  13. I can't remember where've we've got to but I'm quite old and haven't long enough left to read 22 pages of thread. So can I ask if you've done or checked the other things, like relief (truss rod) and string and pick up heights. Being a Sire these were likely OK 'out the box' but knowing about checking and adjusting these things can be handy and we're all happy to give you probably conflicting advice and then argue amongst ourselves.
  14. As discussed above, really. The clue to the Electric Bass's core technology is in the name. So upgrading the electrons is a major factor in the sound it makes, more than messing around with hi-mass bridges and other minor bits and bobs. Puts Fodera quality in a cheap-as-chips bass whose makers are likely to build down to a price. Going to @KiOgon is worth at least 50 points for Gryfindor. But 5 points will be taken away because he doesn't always tell you that quality modern pots need a 3/8" hole. OK he did tell me but hasn't in the past, which assumes you have some means of enlarging your current holes. And another 5 points will be taken away because while his looms are solderless persuading the bridge earth wire to go in the same screw-down hole as one of the pickup wires can take a while and a lot of uncouth swearing unless you're lucky - one keeps jumping out. It would be handy if he supplied some sort of crimp-over adaptor to make two wires one. Or you can use a soldering iron, if you have one, to solder the two wires together before inserting them in his solderless gizmo.
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