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  1. My blues club only plays pieces in A. Members have to get special dispensation and apply in advance to play in any other key. This is extraordinarily unhelpful for beginners saxists like me, for whom concert A requires me playing in F#.
  2. lownote12

    Tarting up Hohner B Bass V for solo work

    Mark at Bass Direct has been very helpful and suggested a mixture of Nordstrand pups and Klockenklang pre. Trouble is that with other fettles will likely clear £400, for which I could buy a decent bass of specific purpose.
  3. Got a slightly tired and bog standard one of the above and want to pimp it for solo work (I know, I know...bass shouldn't be used for such blasphemy). Anyone got any advice on the following: String BEADG or EADGC? Replace standard 5 string EMG jazz pups with ......? Replace pre amp with ....? or leave as is? Best strings for dusty end work?
  4. lownote12

    Is this a good trade (Sire vs Peavey)?

    I'll lay good odds you can find a fretted Sire as a swap for your FL. I was advertising for just such a trade a couple of years back.
  5. lownote12

    Sax therapy

    Funnily enough, bass trainer Scott Devine has posted a seminar in which he frequently cross-references to the sax experience as a guide to bassists wanted to do improv up the top end. Seeing as your horn seems to fetch up to € 5k, I should use it - if its usable. Old instruments doesn't necessarily mean great to play.
  6. lownote12

    Tone rider pups

    yup seems to work - even a 1/16th
  7. lownote12

    Tone rider pups

    I have had Tonerider pickups on my P bass for a couple of years. Great value for money. They work great with thump, depth and grunt on the bottom two strings. But just recently I've started to think that the response on the D and G strings is a little more treble and ... thin. So the presence isn't balanced across the full string set. Now I've noticed it I hear it all the time. Anyone else notice this? Or do i just need to get a life?
  8. lownote12

    Spare parts for headless Hohner

    Link doesn't seem to work
  9. Not sure how much we can discuss stuff on a sales thread, so if this is bad spank me and remove. I'd just comment the ramp. On mine I ran it to fit square with the end of the pickups. I also used double sided tape so i could remove it without affecting the look of the bass. On this VI I left it as wood, on my previous VI I panted it black - both looked good.
  10. lownote12

    Sax therapy

    Now discovered Scott Paddock. Awesome saxist and teacher and his lessons are FREE. Find his channel on YouTube.
  11. lownote12

    Spare parts for headless Hohner

    It was/is. I had a 4 string too, only in red; great bass for what they go for. I turned it into a fretless, at which it was great, and sold it to Bryan Adam's manager. If Jabba's site find offers as much as I hope that will indeed be a discovery, as otherwise spares are as rare as hen's whatsits.
  12. lownote12

    Spare parts for headless Hohner

    ah have a headed 5 string B Bas Pro- I'm a hohner home boy. Pretty much in the top 3 of my 30 bass history was a B Bass 6 string shod with Overwater strings. Magic.
  13. lownote12

    Spare parts for headless Hohner

    The only Hohner parts source i've found is this: http://www.sonor.com/fileadmin/hohner_group/hohner/09_documents/price_lists/Spare_Guitar_Consumer.pdf