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  1. Nice idea dude, I’ve dropped you a PM. 😎
  2. Seeing that video again I am reminded that I’m definitely a Beyoncé fan! 😅 My band have done this a few times but I’ve played it on bass, it’s a tough one for the singers with its many key changes! Will have a play round and see if I can come up with a sound.
  3. Yeah, I ran both my bass and keys into my HX Stomp on Saturday, then straight into my Aguilar stack and it sounded great, although patches definitely sound different than do in headphones so something to think about when dialling in sounds. Here's where I am with 24k Magic so far - not great but not bad being as I had never played keys a month ago. Slips here and there and doesn't sit in the pocket like I want it to but hopefully will get better as the playing becomes more natural. 24kmagic.mp3
  4. Nice! Another guy worth checking out is Darrell Freeman - definitely overplays for my taste but no knocking the dude’s considerable ability.
  5. Haha yeah that’s exactly it, if you miss a fret on the bass can always slide it in or pretend it’s a run to the right note as if intended, whereas it’s very clearly a duff note on keys, or at least I don’t have the ability to not make it seem like one. 😆 I’ve played all sorts over the years but just 2 Sandbergs now, main gig bass is an Ida Nielsen 5 and my other is a cream HCR TM4. Love them, Fender kind of vibe but a bit more special. Right, next on the synth list for me is 24K Magic, see if I can get it as close as this chap -
  6. Sounds great! And a Sandberg for the stringy bits, me too! Is that a TM4? I found my biggest issue Saturday night was it was so hot and sweaty I kept slipping off the black keys! 😅 It definitely feels like a bum note sticks out more on the synth than bass but that might just be psychological.
  7. First gig with the Moog in the bag! Thoroughly enjoyed it, its weird but on the tracks I used it for I still feel like I’m a bass player playing bass even though the instrument is different. Having tried every bass synth pedal out there and never been 100% happy with them it should perhaps come as no surprise that the answer to the perfect synth bass sound is errm.... a synth! 😁
  8. Got to say I’m a little nervous for tonight’s gig, first time I’ve ever played anything other than bass in front of an audience - what could possibly go wrong?! 😅
  9. Stumbled across your post by accident and weirdly sounds like we are doing exactly the same thing at the same time! Been playing bass 20+ years, no keys experience, bought a Sub Phatty about a month ago, first gig with it tonight! I play in a wedding/party band so it’s all pop stuff, thankfully tonight is just a low key gig for one of our singer’s local pubs. On the synth menu this evening - Ain’t Nobody, Say You’ll Be There, Into The Groove, I Wanna Dance With Somebody and Flashdance! More than happy to share experiences, patches, and anything else that might help, I’ll let you know how it goes!
  10. This is still on tonight, not the rip roaring response I was hoping for though! Hopefully there will still be a few people there, Fender will be on hand giving out free goodies.
  11. Hi Chaps, Hope it's ok to post this here! Just wanted to let people know that the fretless master Tony Franklin will be making a rare UK appearance at Rattle & Drum Music in Derby on Weds 5th December. Tony is from Derby originally and this is a bit of a homecoming to the shop he bought his basses from way back when! The event is free and will kick off about 6:30pm. Content wise we are leaving it up to Tony but he will definitely be both playing and speaking. Be great if you are thinking you might come along if you could post in here so we can get an idea of numbers, space will be limited! For those of you who don't know us we are in central Derby, full details on facebook - facebook.com/rattleanddrum Cheers!
  12. Really glad to hear you are happy with the bass Alan, I would be, I thought it was a cracker (once you've got to grips with the many controls)! The GK combo that we had went pretty quickly, I didn't get much time to play around with it but I liked what I heard. Appreciate hearing you guys' thoughts, we'll definitely explore the possibility of stocking them. Good to see our youtube channel getting some chuckles, we really need to get some more videos made, no shortage of ideas, just shortage of time!
  13. As a shop we've always found them to be very obliging, considering the amount of Ashdown we sell we get very little back anyway, but they've always been helpful and quick to turn stuff round. They're doing a 5 year warranty on quite a bit of their stuff now as well.
  14. [quote name='ThomBassmonkey' timestamp='1337885991' post='1667030'] Cool, just chuck me a message on here if you want to sort something out. As Bert said, it's Polar Audio. [/quote] Cheers, we don't deal with them at present but I'm sure we could!
  15. [quote name='ThomBassmonkey' timestamp='1337858799' post='1666443'] If you want mate, I'll pop along sometime with my two heads and I can explain the controls. The RB and MB ranges are the most popular so they'll be relevant for most of the amps. I understand Ashdown's popularity, they're decent amps for the price (I've even recommended them myself in the past despite not liking them) and as you say, they do lots of budget amps and their CS is good. I'm just not a fan and with them being everywhere, I doubt people would travel to Derby for them like they might for rarer amps like GK and Hartke if they were in stock. Whenever I suggest GKs to people their biggest problem is finding somewhere to try them, somewhere right in the middle of the country that's 15 minutes from the M1 could be handy for a lot of people. [/quote] I might well take you up on that at some point, cheers for the offer! Do you know who the distributor is for GK in the UK? Off the top of my head I don't think it's anyone we deal with at the moment. Thanks for the welcomes guys!
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