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  1. Any recommendations for places to buy electronic components? Never mind, spotted the hificollective suggestion above.
  2. I have the VT bass 500 head on the way for £174 inc vat. Crazy that it was about £50 cheaper than the pre amp DI. I was sure it was a pricing error and would be cancelled. Must be the end of the line.
  3. I got this sorted in the end - I'll give a quick description of how I fixed it in case it can help anyone else. The bridge ground wire comes out against the side of the bridge post insert nearest the G string, and the wire is simply held in place by the friction of being sandwiched between insert and wood. My wire had come away for whatever reason. The fix was like this: Pull the ground wire out completely through the f hole (you can just about see the hole through which it gets to the bridge post). Remove the insert - I just put half a wooden dowel in the hole and screwed in the post, and it came out easily. Feed a stiff wire through the insert hole and on through the small ground wire hole, hook it out through the f hole and use it to pull the ground wire back through. Press the insert back into the hole, making sure that the ground wire makes contact properly. Job done!
  4. I have a Jack Casady bass that has developed a ground issue - the bridge/strings are no longer grounded. I took off the bridge to investigate. I couldn't see the ground wire under any of the inserts. Presumably the wire has pulled away. How is the ground wire meant to be connected with this style of bridge? Is it just a friction fit under one of the inserts? Is one of the posts meant to screw down onto the wire? Struggling to see how to fix this one!
  5. The Weems design has two external ports (one from each chamber) and one internal port, whereas the barefaced (I think) has one internal and one external. There is info out there on how to tune the Weems design, but I couldn't find anything on calculating the alternative double chamber designs.
  6. Thanks Phil. I actually do have A level physics and maths funny enough, so maybe I will see if I can actually remember any of it and seek out those books. I have tinkered with winISD but I don't understand a lot of it, I think I need to get some more of the theory first.
  7. Based on an old post here, an internal slot port can be spotted by looking through the external round port. So maybe not a passive radiator.
  8. I've been following @stevie and @Phil Starr's adventures in cabinet design for a while now and it has gotten me very interested in the subject. The most recent lockdown cab build got me thinking about what it it is technically that makes some of the most popular cabs special. The Barefaced one10 is a firm favourite and by some claims you would think it defies physics I understand that "hybrid resonator" is a marketing term, but what is it really? Having done some digging through ancient forum posts it seems like it is a double chamber reflex design, specifically a fostex double bass reflex design. Am I close? As I understand it, the difference between this and the typical bass reflex design is that it reduces cone excursion at certain frequencies? And some extra bracing as a side-effect? I would like to be able to come up with own designs but I feel like I need to read a few books on this topic first...
  9. I recorded this direct through a TC Electronic Spectradrive (set flat). 1. fingerstyle 2. fingerstyle with the tone control at 0 3. pick 4. pick with palm mute The one with the tone rolled off sounds ridiculous 😁 mahogany-mudbucker.mp3
  10. Soldering done. I was not quite ready for the output of that pickup! I had to lower the pole pieces right down, and back off every gain knob in the signal path! Now that everything has stopped clipping it sounds BIG! I don't usually play with a pick but it sounds particularly good with one, especially muted. It's definitely a very different sound to any other bass I have, which is what I was aiming for.
  11. I originally wanted a Fender wide range humbucker, but it turns out that they aren't available off-the-shelf, and would have to get one custom made. So instead I went for the cheap and cheerful Artec mudbucker. Hopefully can get the soldering iron out for it this week.
  12. This build is my first and was 12 years in the making. I started on carving the body blank with my dad, and after he died I lost the nerve to complete it. It has been knocking about my garage ever since. Lockdown inspired me to finish it. Pleased with how it turned out. Only the wiring and a setup to do and it's finally done, all these years later.
  13. I'll be following this with interest. @Phil Starr mentions that the cab is being designed to be full range - does that mean that the cab could potentially double up as a PA speaker?
  14. The hardest part for me was making the cuts accurately and squarely enough with just a cheap circular saw. I had to make some 'adjustments' along the way. After that it was mostly just the problem of never having enough clamps I've just bought a track saw to make things easier next time.
  15. Here's the baffle. I just painted it with some old spray paint I had. The white port doesn't show through the grill so I didn't bother attempting to paint. The grill was recycled from an old Marcus berry cab I had.
  16. Oh interesting. I'll look forward to that! I took a quick look into it myself but it seems more difficult to find a suitable 10" driver (not that I know too much about it really).
  17. I've just finished this basschat 112 cab: It's a slight variant in that it is built using 12mm birch ply and it is using the Beyma SM212 speaker with no tweeter/horn. It had its first test run last night at rehearsal where it sounded much better than the studio's Hartke combo I typically use there, a lot more focus and clarity. It was able to keep up with our weightlifter drummer and two guitarists too. Very happy with it. Thanks to all the folks who worked hard to create the design and produce such professional drawings to follow. I think I've caught the bug now - I want to build another, maybe a 8 or 10 inch for practicing
  18. Ah I just needed to be signed in to access the pdfs! Time to order some parts... Thanks @stevie
  19. Does anyone have the plans for this build that they could post? It seems they are all missing from the thread. I'd be keen to have a go at this build (though the electronics part is a bit daunting… much more comfortable with the woodworking).
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