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  1. New blog entry in the NAMM series - general views: https://wp.me/p2ZbyY-Ae

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    2. Passinwind


      Very cool to experience the show through a first timer's eyes and ears. It would have been nice to put a face to your blog, but as usual I was pretty much just completely overwhelmed, between various demands for my time and the need to just chill out from time to time. I did manage to connect with Sibob for a couple of minutes though, at least.

      Looking forward to part 3.

    3. Silvia Bluejay

      Silvia Bluejay

      Yeah it was a very intense experience! I met a few Basschatters but I knew there would be more in the crowd. I didn't spot Sibob, though. What booth were you working at, @Passinwind?

    4. Passinwind


      Silvia, I has a few things on exhibit at Marco Bass Guitars, Hall E, booth 4211. We were next to Marleaux, Fibenare, and Ken Smith, and right across the aisle from AC Guitars and the rest of the boutique builder's collective. We had a crazy busy booth for all of the three + days I was there, and as I was leaving on Sunday morning one of our endorsers was playing on the big outdoor Plaza Stage, rocking a bass with one of my new prototype preamps in it. For me it seems to get more intense every year, and I think a lot of that is related to more and more people knowing me by face.

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