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    How would this amp compare to a typical 1x12 combo? Could it be used for small/medium gigs with electric bass?
  2. Hi, I am looking to join a function/party band. Was in previous function band for 5 years and gigged all over UK Weddings/Corporate Events/Butlins etc. Have own transport and committed. Thanks
  3. Hi, Looking for a Gallien Krueger MB112/ MB212 Combo. Thanks
  4. Warwick Corvette Value?

    Thanks I did spot that a few days ago but its passive unfortunately. I've decided to go for the GAK one I found. A bit pricey but professional set up and new strings worth £70. Also free next day delivery...Got it on finance for 6 months 0% APR which is more manageable at the moment. If I had more time I'd wait it out and find a better deal but needed a 2nd bass urgently. 🙂
  5. Hi, Looking for a corvette or Jazzman type Warwick. Thanks
  6. Warwick Corvette Value?

    Hmmm what do we reckon then the Corvette Standard Bubinga or FNA Jazzman 2004 also £800 🤔
  7. Warwick Corvette Value?

    Lol yes the prices these days are insane for Warwicks from new. I brought my SSII (shop demo) for 1000 US Dollars about 10 years ago which was a pretty good deal at the time. Think they were £1500 in the UK from new then.
  8. Warwick Corvette Value?

    Very true. Well they've reduced to £800 which includes a full set up and free delivery...
  9. Warwick Corvette Value?

    2003 Model I believe
  10. Warwick Corvette Value?

    Ive got a streamer stage II which is pretty heavy so shouldn't be too much of an issue. Just after a second bass I can practice with and use as a backup. I've had a Corvette before but Ash body and heard bubinga has a much deeper tone...
  11. Warwick Corvette Value?

    Hmmm that one looks like Ash body also, potentially passive Pups. Is there much difference in the bubinga models and are they worth extra price?
  12. Warwick Corvette Value?

    True, but that model is Swamp Ash Body not Bubinga. Also I think it might be passive not active electronics?
  13. Warwick Corvette Value?

    Hmmmm ok thanks for the replys. They've agreed £800 which includes full set up with new strings + free delivery.....
  14. Warwick Corvette Value?

    Hi all, GAK currently selling a pre owned Corvette Active with Bubinga body for £849. https://www.gak.co.uk/en/warwick-corvette-std-4-bubinga-active-2007-germany-pre-owned-/912197 Just wondered if this was a good price these days for this bass as I know Warwick prices have fluctuated a lot in the last decade. Thanks