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  1. samcrabtree00

    ***SOLD***FS/FT German Warwick Corvette

    Now Sold.
  2. Where abouts are you based?
  3. samcrabtree00

    SOLD Barefaced Big Baby 2

    Thank you mate. Have just sorted one though 👍👍
  4. samcrabtree00

    ***SOLD***FS/FT German Warwick Corvette

    Bass has just been professionally setup and restrung. Sounding killer.
  5. Now - £750 £695 £650 ***NOW SOLD*** *Has been professionally set up by my luthier recently which I have receipt for* German Made Warwick Corvette Std (2008) - Bubinga Body - Active Electronics - Excellent Condition I'm interested in trades as I currently own 2 Warwicks and will be keeping my SSII. Mostly looking for a good quality 5 String Jazz Bass (Fender, Sandberg etc) but interested in whats out there. Shoot me over a PM! 🙂 I'm based in South Bedfordshire.
  6. samcrabtree00


  7. samcrabtree00


    How would this amp compare to a typical 1x12 combo? Could it be used for small/medium gigs with electric bass?
  8. Hi, I am looking to join a function/party band. Was in previous function band for 5 years and gigged all over UK Weddings/Corporate Events/Butlins etc. Have own transport and committed. Thanks
  9. samcrabtree00

    Warwick Corvette Value?

    Thanks I did spot that a few days ago but its passive unfortunately. I've decided to go for the GAK one I found. A bit pricey but professional set up and new strings worth £70. Also free next day delivery...Got it on finance for 6 months 0% APR which is more manageable at the moment. If I had more time I'd wait it out and find a better deal but needed a 2nd bass urgently. 🙂
  10. samcrabtree00

    Warwick Corvette Value?

    Hmmm what do we reckon then the Corvette Standard Bubinga or FNA Jazzman 2004 also £800 🤔
  11. samcrabtree00

    Warwick Corvette Value?

    Lol yes the prices these days are insane for Warwicks from new. I brought my SSII (shop demo) for 1000 US Dollars about 10 years ago which was a pretty good deal at the time. Think they were £1500 in the UK from new then.
  12. samcrabtree00

    Warwick Corvette Value?

    Very true. Well they've reduced to £800 which includes a full set up and free delivery...
  13. samcrabtree00

    Warwick Corvette Value?

    2003 Model I believe
  14. samcrabtree00

    Warwick Corvette Value?

    Ive got a streamer stage II which is pretty heavy so shouldn't be too much of an issue. Just after a second bass I can practice with and use as a backup. I've had a Corvette before but Ash body and heard bubinga has a much deeper tone...