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  1. I'm toying with one of the 4 ohm Tech cabs to replace my two EA cabs. I have a CXL112 and an old VL110 that are very compact. Not the heaviest but not the lightest either and one less trip to the car appeals. Does anyone know who sells the Tech cabs?

  2. Andy

    I seriously had a look at one of these as a back up. Cracking value.

    In the past, Sound Control here in Newcastle have generally tried to price match with SoundsLive who have their shop just round the corner - and vice versa.

    Won't do any harm to ask if they will price match - if they don't I'll be surprised if you don't at least some money off. Nowt to lose.


  3. Awesome. For me, what bass playing is all about. Holds it down, but every now and then there is a really original fill or run - often up the dusty end of the neck that really adds to the song. Listening to some of the stuff in depth at the moment for a production of We Will Rock You in August. Another One Bites the Dust is hard to beat for a combination of impact and simplicity.

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