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  1. Nabbed a HC33, Another one ticked off the pedalboard list, and for what I was expecting to have paid for it used. Now to see if i even use it much at all
  2. [quote name='spencer.b' timestamp='1491508679' post='3273660'] Location? [/quote] Higham Ferrers near Northampton. As I've said, don't mind doing some driving aswell, to a certain degree.
  3. Very reluctant sale but need the money and this is the only item I have that will sell quickly perhaps. 1993 American Standard P bass in a Metallic Purple I haven't seen on many from Fender so certainly a bit of rareness to this bass. Plays really nicely with the Maple/Maple neck. Currently fitted with a Black Pickguard, will include the original white pickguard in the sale. Apart from the pickguard I believe this is completely stock, owned it for under a year after getting it last October. Will be pulling this from sale if I somehow sell the rest before this. Don't currently have any cases for shipping this in, So Collection/Meet Halfway, however if it's in the next weekend or two I don't mind travelling a fair bit of the UK for delivering it personally. Trade wise i'm open to offers, but I'd need £300 cash going my way minimum as well as the trade item, so find out what I think Don't have access to anymore pictures right now. [attachment=242468:34dd8644-35a8-4cbc-aba6-6fbd91083c92.JPG][attachment=242469:SAM_0170.JPG] [attachment=242470:WP_20170108_005.JPG]
  4. A very decent amp head with alot of power behind it, built in compressor. Rather bulky and I believe either 3up or 4up rack sized. Everything works as it should, very minimal signs of use. Moving on after getting my Carvin B2000, hopefully to fund a few pedals.
  5. This bass started out as a Saga Jazz Bass. It is now only the body from the Saga Kit, and the neck, hardware, electronics have all been upgraded to a certain degree. Tonerider Pickups which sound really punchy to me and the Maple/Maple neck feels really good to play on. Finish is a few coats of Molotow spray paint, without a clear coat. So can be sanded off and resprayed easily. Just moving on to fund a pedalboard.
  6. Jay Turser Musicman copy, Loaded with a Delano Pickup. Maple/Rosewood neck, not entirely sure on the body wood, but looks to only be a 2/3 piece judging by the transparent finish. Plays very well, just looking to move this and a few other bits on to fund a pedalboard alongside my new rig and two higher end basses.
  7. [quote name='alembic1989' timestamp='1490306113' post='3264255'] Blimey..why no love for a great bass?? [/quote] Lack of funds and lack of anything decent to trade bar a Fender P bass... But I sold one of those already and regretted it haha. If this is still around when i've somehow got 600 together then PM Incoming
  8. Technically I have this year as I ordered my Cab with the completion time landing sometime between christmas and new years. Hopefully just before the former or not much after the latter.
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