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  1. [b]SOLD[/b] to me! Thanks Guy. Have fun with your '77. She's a beauty!
  2. [b]Guy, I'm also in Reigate. Can I come and take a look at this this evening? Very interested,[/b] [b]Regards[/b] [b]Rob[/b]
  3. I'm interested Steve. How do I pm you? Rob
  4. Hi Steve, is this still up for sale? Regards Rob
  5. Hi Wibbler, Whereabouts are you? Regards Rob
  6. Great set guys. Very best of luck with this.
  7. I'm seriously interested, but I'd like to drive down from Surrey at the weekend to try it before buying, if you'd be prepared to hold the sale until then. Rob
  8. Hi Bassilla, I'm a bit of a novice at this, but looking to buy my first rig for small gigs (like small pubs kind of small). I've already bought a s/h Little Mark 250w (4 ohm) on the spur of the moment. Would it be man enough to drive this? Cheers Rob
  9. Hi Walts, I think on reflection that Steve probably wants the Midget more than I do, as I'm really looking for more like a 2x10. Thanks anyway and good luck with the sale Rob
  10. Well, perhaps I could come and try out the Midget instead?
  11. I could come up tomorrow after 4pm (if you haven't sold it to lucky by then!) Cheers Rob
  12. Any idea how it would sound driven by a Little Mark 250 (4 ohm)?
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