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  1. I've been playing with multiple synth options and found the best way to produce what I was looking for (for a specific sound) was on the MS60B.

    Coincidentally I wanted a lovely round subby sound for a couple of songs and the MS60B again came up trumps.


    I always liked the Zoom pedals but thought somehow more expensive, dedicated pedals had to be better.

    Many hundreds of pounds and of hours of practice later and I have to accept this simply isn't true.


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  2. 1 hour ago, Boodang said:



    Aguilar octamizer into a Mr Black Fwonkbeta. The octave filter tone goes from smooth to edgy, the more edgy the heavier the synth tone with a slight overdrive tinge to it. Delay from the TC and / or textured reverb from the Walrus adds lots of balls!

    Have found that you can't use the phase and envelope filters together as the peaks add and you get clipping. I have an MXR bass deluxe fuzz which I'll add as well to see if that adds even more balls.

    Oh man that's my kind of board! I own some and lust after others there!

  3. Two gigs yesterday at two very different Wiltshire boozers. An afternoon al fresco session to a frightfully nice crowd, enjoying their drinks and cremated flesh, followed by an evening performance in a cheerful rough and ready local.

    Both went well the only thing of note being the insanely horrible load in at the second gig.

    Firstly, no parking. Secondly, only one entrance and that via a narrow doorway and up three unevenly spaced steps. The second step had a sack trucks defying overhang beneath which the wheels inevitably stuck fast.

    Twisting onwards through a small, crowded bar, we find ourselves in a corridor which whilst wide at first, rapidly narrows and turns and goes uphill. Via more steps. Lots of steps.

    The playing area finally located we are confronted with a narrow stage, walled in close on either side and in a room illuminated only by multiple flashing lights. 

    £5 if you can tell me where this venue is?


    PS I must point out the punters and staff were universally friendly, complimentary and really into the band - it's just that load in, I'll never forget it.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Bassmidget209 said:

    Don't think I'm bringing anything new to the party but this is what I do for one of our songs: deluxe octave into mojomojo (light-medium gain) into microsynth (filter trigger off) into ms60b with a basic patch using compression and detune. Superego is fun in this but gets pretty wild. Can also engage the drive channel on the digbeth. That's great if the filter is on as it really highlights the frequency swoop. Muff is there as well for muffiness but it kinda overloads everything else. Still a fun noise though 😁


    I'd say that adds quite a lot. I like the MS60B in all that, a really useful Swiss army pedal.

  5. I've worked several bands with a singer, who I plan never to let go.

    First time I met her was in a car park, she was getting my gear out of the car before we'd even been introduced.

    Hell of a voice too.

    I've been around too many years to check the teeth of a gifted horse.

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  6. Some great replies - thanks folks. I was putting together a bass synth board (in my head at least) ready for a gig on Thursday.

    Time was against me so I ended up just taking a synth pedal which is such a cop out I know.

    I plan to revisit the project today. Planning to include the EHX Blurst with an expression pedal attached, which I thought might be fun.

    Here's the chair top experimental board


    I'll have to put a SoundCloud clip up. It actually sounds good.The Blurst I'm not sure about. Doesn't really add anything.

    What I've learned is that the compressor is important before the dirt and octave. A little of the clean sound with the octave down helps tighten things up too. The filter twin is the absolute icing on the cake. The best filter I found in this set up. The noise gate I think I need, but I'm not sure. We all like a little glitch as the note fades, don't we?


  7. Thought this might be fun. Not a thread for actual synth pedals, which are utterly incredible these days.

    I'm after those of us who also enjoy the old fashioned way to 'build' a synth bass sound by stacking individual stomp boxes.

    What do you use? In what order? To produce what sound?

  8. 9 minutes ago, ezbass said:

    I've mentioned this before in the forum, but this seems an appropriate place to repeat it. When Bruce had his salmon pink P bass stolen, he asked Barry Moorhouse of The Bass Centre to source him another vintage P, which he did. However, BT never gelled with it and sold it back to Barry. I bought that bass (a white, '63 P that was road worn within an inch of its life; sounded great though) and had it for a number of years.





    Oh wow! Precious beyond words

  9. 22 minutes ago, steviedee said:

    I’m clearly a bit late to the party with this but just so I’m clear. Does the bass and the IEM signal go into the Backbeat (separate inputs?) and then an output to headphones and one to the amp or PA? I should just look at their website!

    You can practice with headphones plugged directly into the backbeat. But live it just handles the bass.

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  10. 9 hours ago, blisters on my fingers said:

    Thanks for posting stewblack....... fascinating stuff


    Bit confused by our Brucie at this point in the interview.......


    "I figured it out by the seat of my pants. So for a long time, my career was only ‘riff-based’ pentatonic scales. I had a kind of epiphany where I realized that if you play ‘four frets and three frets’ that’s a major, you play ‘three frets and four frets’ that’s a minor, then ‘three frets and three frets’ that’s a diminished, and ‘four frets and four frets’ that’s an augmented."


    Know how major, minor, diminshed etc. scales and chords are constructed but I just don't get what Bruce is saying?


    Help me reach my epiphany !


    No jokes about Epiphones purleeeeez 🤪



    I suspect he's not being specific. Just outlining the way he learned by recognising patterns on the fretboard.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Nail Soup said:

    Good article.

    Anyone got any idea why there is some kind of rift between Elvis and Bruce in later years? The interview didn't cover it (although I think their is a part two)

    Bruce was the one who stood up to him as far as I can gather. Elvis also took umbrage with the Big Wheel which was, I believe, the breaking point.


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  12. 1 hour ago, Baloney Balderdash said:

    How do you personally like it compared to the American Sound, which I know you like a lot (if you have used the Oxford Sound enough to be able to make such an opinion)?


    As I mentioned in a previous post in this thread personally I much prefer it to the American Sound (but guess it will mostly be a matter of personal taste and preferences).


    The American sound is my 'always on' pedal of choice. I like the tone controls and the way it helps me sit in the mix. 

    The Oxford I plan on using to kick things up to a more distorted, louder sound for filling beneath solos and such.


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  13. Mine has arrived, second hand from here. Not gigged it yet but had a play at home.

    Different again from all the others in this series. Hard to describe a pedal with such a variety of sounds available.

    It's not fuzzy, not ratty, more..throaty?

    Either way another great Joyo pedal.


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  14. 6 hours ago, King Tut said:

    How do you find the M compared to the T? I’ve got the tube version and often wondered what the mosfet one is like!

    I was in the opposite situation which is why I bought the tube one - I just had to try it!

    I find the MOSFET easier to get the sound I like. Probably because I'm more familiar with it than through any failing in the tube model. 

    But honestly, they're both great.

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  15. Not home but at the singer's home after a private party in some god forsaken part of Wiltshire. Went really well, a lot of extremely drunken people which is never pretty but they were well behaved.

    Used the Nuke in biamped mode. Sounded mighty

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