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  1. Cheers for the suggestions all! Will definitely try out another brand of flats when I come to restring it... in the next... well 7 years 🤣 After playing some more on it I can say I still love the feel under my fretting hand, I've just come to terms that I need to keep rounds on at least one of my basses for the brightness, but having the options is always great.
  2. Good shout I was thinking of putting some Rotosound Pressure wounds on my 4-string when it next gets restrung. Alas not sure they will work on my 5 as it needs a very bright sound for the heavier genres I sometimes play.
  3. Haha it is a mighty rig that has served me very well over the years. Definitely don't need to turn the volume up that much!
  4. I've always wanted to do something a bit different with my telecaster bass, my other two (both Ibanez) have got more modern sounds sorted so I was looking for a more vintage sound. As such I've today strung it with some Picato stainless steel flatwounds. First impressions, having always played round wound strings, is that I love the feel! The only problem is now I really wish that I could get something brighter (for the other basses) but with the same feel without changing strings every day... Anyway, I'm hoping that these combined with the homemade mute will give me a nice Motown sound for a cover I'm going to record next week. Anyone else trying out something new with their strings? always been curious about tapewounds myself!
  5. I think that they're releasing a 37" scale fan fret BTB to satisfy that lot. Personally I've found the 35"-33" perfect for me and a lot of fun to play. I'd definitely recommend trying one if you get the chance!
  6. 🤣 it is certainly an interesting one! It's designed to be more ergonomic to play so whilst it might look odd it is a dream to play!
  7. Probably won't ever sell my Fender Modern Player Telecaster Bass for two reasons. Number one is that I genuinely think its beautiful, I absolutely love the retro look and will probably string it with flats put some sponge under the strings and have it as my Motown sound bass. Reason number two is simply that I wouldn't get much money for it 😂
  8. Very nice! Do love how each one is unique.
  9. Lately I've been listening to this fantastic album from King Crimson singer and guitarist Jakko Jakszyk - Secrets & Lies. Well worth a listen for anyone who is prog inclined!
  10. Just found this thread after a long time off the site so I thought I'd share my pair of Ibanez basses, my long serving SR600 and my much more recent EHB1505ms. Having never played a multi-scale before I was a bit apprehensive about the EHB but I adjusted almost instantly and its slight shorter scale of 35"-33" suited me perfectly!
  11. Just on the off chance anyone is interested and comments / messages me over the weekend I will be away from this evening so will respond on Monday.
  12. Ahh well that would explain it then, cheers for the info!
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