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  1. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1462903907' post='3046867']
    We travel with a sound person and our own sound and lights. He's a part of the band as far as I'm concerned.

    We all help carry and set up and tear down.


    Sounds like a completely different set up to the OP, who is paying a seperate professional for a service at an agreed fee.

  2. [quote name='Muppet' timestamp='1462897553' post='3046798']
    We are paying the going rate and it's not that he's a permanent member of the band so we're not splitting fees five ways -he's paid based on the size of the venue and the amount of gear required. He chooses to do it single handedly for us but he can use others in his company if he wanted to. Currently we do help him with all his equipment, as we do with all our band members and no one leaves until everything is packed up but it does feel sometimes as if we're paying for that privilege!

    Sounds to me like its him who is choosing not to use a second person so that HE doesn't have to pay anyone else from the fee that he has agreed with you. I think I would be happy to help, up until the point where he expects it, or gets funny if you don't.

  3. I've had a B3K for a long time, and at one point I decided it needed an upgrade to the B7K, so bought that as well.

    I have stuck with the B3K on my board now, as I wasn't really using the B7K to EQ anything or get anything out of it that I didnt find possible with the B3K.

    That's also the only thing that has stopped me having the new B7K Ultra on my board, but I'm still tempted in a way cos they look so nice!

    I would be surprised if you ended up using a B3K and a Rat for similar sounds once you use a B3K I reckon, it has a kind of baked in sound all of its own, that some people love, some don't, but I very much do.

    Is there nobody near you that has one you could try before you fork out the cash?

  4. [quote name='Kev' timestamp='1439674561' post='2844950']
    I'v preordered the Darkglass Super Symmetry from Thomann so hopefully in a few weeks I can have a shootout with the original Cali76. The Super Symmetry will go back if it can't compete, if it can...

    Need to hear your opinion on which is best!

  5. I decided to go for another Terror Bass in the end, due to price, weight, effects loop and the fact that I do like it's one dimension.

    It's mainly gonna be used as a backup on your if the AD200 does anything silly anyway, but would still fancy a play on one of these new OB1 models.

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