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  1. [quote name='zacclowes' timestamp='1427495079' post='2731252']
    Could You know tell me the width of that cab?

    I will measure it for you in the morning :)

    Jealous that your getting a Verellen! I have the Meatsmoke Preamp pedal, and would love the full head.

  2. Just had to post this, I haven't even played through it yet, but since I fell in love with my Abominable Electronics Hail Satan muff (and then upgraded to the deluxe version) I have to say I am obsessed with Abominable Electronics pedals now...

    I am now onto my sixth pedal from them, and each one is amazing so far, and the artwork is literally like a work of art in my opinion!

    So this new one is a TS9 clone (or TS808 with a flip of a switch) and the design has an input cap change so it wont suck out so much low end, so I really look forward to getting a play through it.

    More info here - [url="http://www.abominableelectronics.com/products/12084738-hellmouth-ts9"]http://www.abominabl...8-hellmouth-ts9[/url]

    I'll report back once I've had a play in a few days ;)

    The Abominable Electronics Unholy Grail delay is excellent, but I've had that a while now, so I missed out on giving you all an NPD Thread ;) I also use their Yeti Bite JFET Boost on my board all the time.

  3. [quote name='Left Foot' timestamp='1425986310' post='2713012']
    Ashdown fella - why is it cheaper in the US if pricing is always about the cost of production? I don't trust that at all to be honest.

    Fair point that, and surely it would be expected to be cheaper in the UK if it's produced here! That's a question you don't often get to ask reps from companies!

  4. She's a better bass player than me ans she's far more attractive than me. Good on her! I really enjoyed the vid, for her playing!

    It seems that people on this forum are so quick to jump and look for the possible negatives of a post (oooh, racism, sexism, ageism, get the pitch forks!) than just take a post at face value these days.

  5. I would say if you are thinking Orange AD200, then give the Orange Bass Terror a go, a lot of people say it breaks up quickly, but I didn't find that problem.

    It is kind of a one trick pony, but if you like its sounds, its amazing.

    I sold mine and went to an Ampeg PF500, as I felt there were a lot more tones and sounds you could coax out of it. a couple of years down the line and I miss my Orange Bass Terror, cos I definitely loved its one trick! ;)

  6. ...I've also got an American Special, and love it. Bought from here on Basschat to be the backup and twin to my '79 Precision, but I now tend to use it first.

    It has a Badass bridge, Geezer Butler EMGs, Hipshot D-Tuner and Luminlay dots on the side now.

  7. [quote name='Happy Jack' timestamp='1425371469' post='2706532']
    Can't comment on the stolen aspect, especially with so little to go on, but I'd seriously pause for thought before walking into a stranger's flat on the other side of London with a grand in cash in my pocket.

    If you go, be sure to take a friend.

    Yeah, maybe meet up in a cafe or something local to him?

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