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  1. Barely ever used, bought it when I joined an acoustic 3 piece, who then selfishly turned into a fully amplified 5 piece!

    It has an onboard tuner, fishman pickup, jack and XLR output etc.

    Personally, its the only acoustic bass I have ever enjoyed playing, but I just have no need for it, so it's sat sad in the corner.

    Bought for £340 about 6 months ago, still looks like its that price new -


    [quote name='description']Ibanez AEB10EDVS Dark Violin Sunburst Electric Guitar

    Ibanez’s AEB10 Acoustic bass features a Spruce top, and Mahogany back and sides with a Mahogany neck and Rosewood fingerboard. Available in a Dark Violin finish the AEB10 is an attractive acoustic bass guitar which plays very well, the depth of the body helps to give this guitar a deep bottom end tone which is very pleasing to the ear.

    The AEB10 makes a great addition to any bass rig and will add lots of atmospheric, subtle bass frequencies to any acoustic set. This instrument is very well made, and the combination of the Mahogany neck matched with the Rosewood fingerboard feels very comfortable under the fingers, and is made to appear attractive by the addition of an Abalone rosette around the sound hole.

    The AEB10 also features an SST preamp that is designed to work with Fishman® Sonicore Pickups and features a built-in tuner along with 3-band tone control and Frequency Shaping equaliser. All of the aforementioned features create a wide variety of sounds to suit almost any musical genre. Additionally, the AEB10 features a ¼” jack input and a balanced XLR input which allows connection of the instrument directly into a PA system.[/quote]

    Comes with a Tribal Planet GX15 Bass gig bag, but its nearer to a hard case than gig bag :) Was about £45 when I bought it, seems a little less now new -


    [quote name='Description']ribal Planets proprietary rigid wall protection system. This unique composite 18mm shell uses high impact lightweight cellular plastic to provide substantial shock protection. Integral neck support block - Two wide, padded shoulder straps - Heavy duty zips Two large rigid front pockets provide extra stowage for cables, accesories, music etc.[/quote]

    Also throw in a spare set of strings for it.

    Looking to either sell for [b]£200[/b] for the lot, or open to swaps. (looking for a 5 string, amps, or effects, Im open to consider most things)

    I will post actual pics of the instrument when I get home. Thanks for looking :)

  2. Hey all,

    Just joined and thought I would introduce myself, I'm Middlesbrough born and Manchester dwelling, have played bass for about 15 years now (with a seriously regretted break in the middle)

    Have been in numerous bands over the years, and have been through god knows how many basses, and amps.

    Currently using -

    [*]Musicman Stingray 4 string 3 band EQ In (discontinued in 2004) translucent purple (had it since it left the factory Dec 1st 1999) and I absolutely love it, no matter what has come and gone, I cant imagine not playing this.
    [*]Ibanez AEB10E Dark Violin Sunburst Acoustic (about to go up for sale)
    [*]Ampeg BA300 115 Combo.
    [*]Pedals wise - Boss GT10B, MI Audio Pollyanna Octave, Boss OC-2, DeviEver OK, Bass Big Muff pi, Russian Black Big Muff Pi and an EHX Freeze.

    Sold a lot of stuff when I stopped playing for a few years, and really regret it, not only did I lose any magic touch I may or may not have had, I quite miss my big Peavey Firebass 700 full stack taking a kicking and a half anytime I needed it to.

    So I'm sure I will get to chat to a few of you on here, buy and sell from and to you, and just generally browse these forums :)

    Good to be here!

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