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  1. On 14/12/2017 at 16:39, pmjos said:

    Just a quick update. I took the JV5 up to my friends up at DV247 where they have an excellent guitar tech. We put the JV5 through its paces against a Fender Jazz 5 Elite. Bearing in mind that the Fender is just under £2k and the Moollon was just over 2k I would have expected there to be some level pegging. The Fender sounded dead and cold and frankly dull. The Moollon was bright, expressive with nice dynamics and a good growl when you dig in. Build quality left the Fender dead in the water. The Moollon made the Fender feel cheap and nasty. The JV has a lovely integrated deep b, the Low B on the Fender just wasn't even there.

    I have played the JV5 against my own 66 and 62 Jazz basses. I have to admit the 62 slab has a bit more thump and the 66 a little more open harmonic content but the JV5 delivers 100% in every other respect. It has to be in the ranks of any super jazz I've ever played and its still less than half the cost of most. It is an absolute tone monster. I'll do a video review over Xmas. I can now see why people have raved about these instruments.




    Still have it?

  2. I just want to say that I anything happens to FI, people in Panda Midi are very cool and nice people, they'll repair everything. I had a chance to have something repaired on my pedal, they were fast with repair and with shipping it back.

    BTW. I bought mine on 2015 (one of the first ones) payed it around 420 euros... so if you want to buy it just go for it, it's amazing piece of equipment.


    Can't go wrong with any pedal you buy, just update it and that's it.

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