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  1. Yes, all my instruments are passive, and as for the interface, I've only had it six weeks, so I don't really want to be spending out on another one so soon.
  2. Yes, I tried all of my three basses plus two electric guitars with the same results. I can hear it through monitoring and headphones but only when the gain is up to about to a fraction before MAX , and the signal is very weak.
  3. Well I contacted Tech Support explaining the situation and attached the photo below so they could see exactly what I mean. This is how the correspondence has gone so far and it would seem that they are trying to tell me that this is normal. Personally, I reckon that the interface is faulty because there is no room for adjustment but what do you guys think? Tech Support to me: This sounds like typical behavior with the ONYX interfaces. Is this occurring when the Hi-Z Switch is engaged? Mackie Technical Support Level 1 My reply: Yes, it is the same with the Hi-Z switch engaged. Tech Support to me: Yeah this sounds like normal ONYX behavior. There is a sweet spot in the pot from 75% and on with the gain pots. Mackie Technical Support Level 1 My reply: As you can see from the photo I attached, the sweet spot kicks in at around 97% (pic 2) leaving no room for adjustment, its either on or its off, any further movement of the knob even to just 98% (pic 3) makes it clip and therefore rendering it useless. It surely must be a faulty interface.
  4. Ok, last one I promise! STUPIDITY - Going Back Home.mov
  5. And another phone video, this time at The Railway, Oakham in Rutland. She Does It Right.mov
  6. Here's another video that was recorded in our second rehearsal when we first got together a year ago this week, I used a Zoom R16 with a few mics scattered around and just hoped for the best because I haven't got a clue when it comes to recording. 🤔 Milk & Alcohol - STUPIDITY.mov
  7. I've really enjoyed looking and hearing all your great videos so I decided I would upload some of my band's videos. We are no more than a pub band that gigs every two or three months due to our singer living in Southampton, the rest of us are based in the West Midlands, we don't rehearse and just hope it all comes together on the night, we aren't the greatest muso's around, but as you can see, we do have a lot of fun! 😀 This is recorded with a phone placed above the bar, so the audio isn't great unfortunately. You Shouldn't Call The Doctor (Mastered Audio).mov
  8. Only when the gain knob is just a fraction before MAX like in pic 1 I'm going to have a little play in the next couple of hours so I will try using a sim Cheers
  9. I'm using Reaper most of the time, but I also have Logic Pro X and GarageBand and its the same with those unfortunately. I'm not using any sims at all, just the clean signal from my bass which is a precision.
  10. First of all, I am no expert when it comes to home recording, all I do is record my own bass lines to backing tracks that I have purchased online, so all I need is an interface to do so. I recently purchased a Onyx Producer 2.2 USB Interface, and when I try recording my bass into a DAW, the bass is not recognised by the DAW until the gain knob is turned to a fraction before MAX (pic 1), if I turn it slightly more to MAX (pic 2), it then starts clipping. Is this normal with the Onyx Producer 2.2, or should the bass be recognised gradually as you turn the gain knob from MIN to MAX? Thanks in advance for any help. Pic 1 Pic 2
  11. You are right about Ed Friedland, his exact words were, "under the hood you've got class C switching power amps, and neodymium drivers which keep the overall package very lightweight" How can he get it so wrong? 🤔
  12. Oh dear! that could be a dealbreaker for me because of serious back problems, I assumed that it would Neo magnets which should keep the weight down
  13. Are the Fender Bassman TV 1 x 15" and 2 x 10 350w Combos loud enough for medium to large pubs? I would love to hear the thoughts on both volume and tone from people who currently use them, or have done in the past. My band plays "old school" R&B pub rock (Dr Feelgood etc). Thanks
  14. I know that this is a bass forum, but could you keep a lookout for my guitarist's 1963 Vox AC30 amp please? it was stolen from his car last night (Saturday 14th December) in Wednesbury, West Midlands. It's bad enough when you have modern equipment stolen, but at least you can usually replace modern equipment "like for like", but this great vintage amp is irreplaceable, so if you see anything like this being offered anywhere, could you please let me know. It is a wonderful sounding 1963 vintage amp in orange, so should be easy enough to spot.
  15. Thanks for the kind words, we certainly don't claim to be great musicians but we all definitely love what we are doing, and we have so much fun when we do the occasional gig. 😊
  16. I usually state in the ads that we don't mind whether the person is male or female, just so long as they suit our music 😊
  17. Can you not relocate down Shropshire? it's a beautiful part of the world 😉
  18. You are so right, the frontman in our "Feelgood" band definitely has a larger than life personality, whenever people start videoing us on their phones, he closes in on them and sings straight into the lens, he wanders around with his wireless mic, sometimes goes behind the bar or even out in the street. Here's an example:
  19. Sorry Lozz, I should have said that they were the Kent Armstrongs, for £49.95, you really can't go wrong
  20. Thanks, I will check all the links in the morning
  21. I currently play in a band that plays Dr Feelgood material, we don't go out as a tribute band, but we do nail the sound and our frontman is Lee to a tee! Unfortunately for us, although good for him , he has met a woman and is moving about 250 miles away, he has agreed to do a few gigs every now and then with us and is prepared to travel, for them. Because we will only gig around six times a year, I am putting a new band together with the drummer and a guitarist from one of my previous bands, we are all experienced musician's with a ton of songs we all know well and could be up and running almost immediately, but despite having ads on Join My Band and BandMix etc for a few months now, we are having no joy at all, so how do you guys go about finding a good frontman?
  22. I used to put CS 62's in all my builds but decided to try these in my last build because the specs were the same. They sounded EXACTLY the same to my ears and at less than half the price of CS 62's, they are an absolute steal imo 😉
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