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  1. Vintage Suzuki Nagoya Classical Guitar Model No 3069 I don't know much about this guitar other than I purchased it from a friend a couple of year's ago, I've never really got round to playing it and it has remained in its hard case. It's in very nice condition for a guitar that's around 45/50 years old, the tuners look in good nick and turn smoothly, but I find that the three nylon strings don't hold tune very well, although this could well be the norm with nylon strings, I really don't know, all I do know is that being a bass player, my strings seem to stay in tune forever. 😉 The hard case is included in the sale, although it is a bit faded on the outside and the locks are starting to rust, but the interior is very good. This is what I have found by doing a little bit of research online, This Guitar was made in Japan by the World famous Suzuki Violin co Ltd, probably in the early to mid 1970s Top: Spruce Back and Sides: Mahogany Neck: Mahogany Fingerboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood Collection from Bridgnorth preferred, but would post at buyer's expense.
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  4. Can a 21 fret P/J neck be converted to a 20 fret P/J neck? I'm assuming that the heel dimensions are the same as a standard neck, but the the extra fret just overhangs the body. So my question is: Can the extra fret be trimmed off and rounded to match the heel so that it then becomes a standard 20 fret neck? Hope I'm explaining myself ok 🤔
  5. Neil has just purchased a mandolin from me and it was such an easy and pleasant transaction. Highly recommended 👍
  6. Artec 8 Band Graphic Eq / Pre Amp SE-EQ8 Now £20 Posted Virtually unused The quality sturdy metal casing has an underside rubber pad for 'non slip' floor use. You can make adjustments to the tone and volume of your instrument by boosting or reducing the band width controls and the volume control on the SE-EQ8 The SE-EQ8 also has a 'True Bypass' footswitch that when pressed, it puts the signal from your instrument to your amplifier without any of the tone and volume adjustments that you have made. This is useful when you want to give yourself a tone or volume boost in solos. Power Supply: DC 9 Volt (Not included) Case Dimensions: 70(w) x 115.5(h) x 34(d)
  7. 👍 I've had the Gotoh and the Northwest side by side and they are practically identical except for the price. I see no reason to use any other bridge since I discovered these 🙂
  8. Thanks, I can never understand why sunburst and tort is disliked by so many people, but hey! each to their own, lol 🙂
  9. I can't find the full specs on the KE's at the moment but I do remember that every detail was the same as the CS62's, and when I put them in my own build, I still had a 2016 Fender American Standard P and the Fender USA 60th Anniversary P which both had CS62's installed as standard, and I can honestly say that I could not hear the difference in tone or volume
  10. I've lost count of the amount of precision basses I've built and I used to always use the more expensive brands when it came to pickups, with the Fender Custom Shop 62's being my main choice because I like the vintage vibe, but on my last build I compared the specs of the Kent Armstrong Vintage P Bass Alnico Pickup with the Fender Custom Shop 62's, and they were identical in every aspect, so I took a punt on the Armstrongs and they sound identical, now I wouldn't use anything else for the vintage P bass sound I like, and at half the price, it's a no brainer for me. Fender Custom Shop 62's £100 - £140 Kent Armstrong Vintage P Bass Alnico £49.95 As for bridges? I am/was a big fan of the Gotoh 201B and have used them many times in the past, but now I always use this one from Northwest Guitars which is identical in every way except that doesn't have "Gotoh" stamped on it. https://www.northwestguitars.co.uk/hardtail-through-body-bass-guitar-bridge/#product-reviews Gotoh 201B £40 - £45 Northwest £16.26
  11. Apparently, she was very well respected amongst many of the Motown artists and was great friends with Martha Reeves
  12. Definitely this. I'm old enough to remember her with The Springfields, and they seemed to be on almost every other evening on the current affairs programme Tonight, the folk stuff just wasn't me so sub-subconsciously, I probably didn't give Dusty a chance after she left them to pursue her solo career. My wife enjoyed last night too, so I might get some of her albums to widen our musical tastes, it will make a change from what we usually listen to. 🙂
  13. I watched the Dusty documentary followed by her TV performances on BBC4 last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Back in the 60s/70s, I was too wrapped up in the genre I liked (classic rock, blues rock, southern rock, etc) to take too much notice of her, but listening to her and watching her last night made me realise what a great voice she had, and such a great performer too.
  14. Update on my DIY disaster. Had the op yesterday (Thursday) and they told me that I severed both tendons that control my finger, so I certainly don't do things in halves, lol. They think it went well but can't yet say how much movement I will have until everything settles down and I've undergone lots of physiotherapy, but I'm staying optimistic. Thanks for all the kind thoughts over the past few days everyone, it's very much appreciated 🙂
  15. Again, thanks for all your kind thoughts and wishes, I will update you in a couple of days when hopefully, I will know a bit more regarding my chances of being able to play again 👍
  16. Thanks for all your kind thoughts 🙂
  17. Thanks, although I'm not sure what sort of movement I will have after they attempt to repair the tendon, but I'm staying optimistic 👍
  18. I am quite a practical person with many year's of DIY experience which includes building an extension, two porches, refitted bathrooms and kitchens, etc, but this happened to me this morning. Now you may think that 10mm British Standard BS EN 12150 thermally toughened safety glass which is the thickest, and supposedly the safest for showers would be as tough as old boots, and if it does break, then it will only shatter not causing too much danger to anyone. Well in the process of removing my old shower this morning, the glass literally shattered in my hands as I was carrying it out of the bathroom, and completely cut through the tendon that controls my forefinger. I’ve not been out since the lockdown started on Saturday 21st March, so the last thing I wanted after more than five weeks of observing the “stay at home” advice, was to have to visit A&E and take up the time of the fantastic, and very much under pressure NHS staff, I did call them first and explained what had happened, and they insisted that I go along for treatment. Anyway, I’ve just returned home from Telford A&E where they have temporarily patched me up, given me a course of anti-biotics, plus a tetanus jab, and I am being sent to Oswestry (probably tomorrow) for an op where they will attempt to repair the severed tendon. I’m not after pity when there are far worse things going on in these terrible times, but the reason I’m posting this is to warn everyone to just be aware of the dangers of DIY jobs that appear to be quite straightforward, I didn’t think for one minute that carrying 10mm toughened safety glass would shatter in my hands, but if I’d just done something simple and sensible like wearing some gloves for instance, then it might have saved me from this injury. Here’s some pics of the glass that shattered, my injury, and of the temporary dressing, sorry if the second picture is a bit gruesome, but if it stops somebody else making the same mistake as me, then it’s worthwhile taking a look
  19. Sounds great Verb, post a few more when you have them ready on the "Show us your playing videos" thread 👍
  20. Reaper is brilliant for syncing audio to video because its very easy to stretch the audio to fit the video
  21. Well it does say "The world's best bass player of all time" so I guess thats means "technically the best", but when it comes to inspiration and the pure joy of watching and hearing bass players, then for me, it got to be Norman Watt-Roy, followed closely be The "Ox" John Entwistle
  22. Having just watched a few video's on YouTube about NinJam, that looks really interesting, I use Reaper a lot so I might spend some time trying to get my head around it, thanks for the head's up. 👍
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