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  1. Genz Benz STL9.2: 900W @ 4 ohm, 500W @ 8 ohm, Tube pre-amp. Now Sold! I purchased this new from BassDirect for just under £900 and is in excellent condition. It's been well looked after in my smoke and pet free home, and everything works as it should, it has only been gigged about a dozen times. It's a great sounding amp with plenty of power for the larger gigs. Includes: Power Lead and spare Watford Valves Cryogenic 12AX7 Valve. You are welcome to try it out at my home in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Genz Benz continues its industry leading innovations in bass amplification with the SHUTTLE 9.2, 2nd generation of these popular bass amps, delivering 900 watts of power in a mere 4 lb compact package. The SHUTTLE 9.2 includes the addition of our proprietary 3DPM™ power management circuitry for overall increased headroom and thicker "heft" of the individual notes played. The 12AX7 tube preamp also features increased available gain for enhanced versatility from warm, articulate tone to all out aggressive overdrive. FEATURES: • Ultra Light 3.75 lb Design • Power: 500W/8 ohms; 900W/4 ohms • Analogue 12AX7 Tube Preamp • Digital SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) • High Current Class D Amplifier • 3DPM (Digital power management) • Patented pending PHAT topology • Active eq w/Parametric Mids • 3-Band Signal Shape Circuit (Footswitchable) • Phat technology • Signal Mute Switch (Footswitchable) • Tuner Out • Extended Range Input Gain for Active/Passive Sensitivity • Limiter Circuit • LED Status Indicators • Speakon® Speaker Outputs • Internal Fan Cooling • Full XLR Direct Out Interface • Aux. Input • Headphone Jack • Effects Loop • Dimensions: 2 1/2"H x 10"W x 10 1/2"D (6.35cm H x 25.4cm W x 26.7cm D)
  2. I used to own a couple of Genz Benz Shuttles 210's which were great sounding cabs, but I sold them and purchased a Barefaced Super Twin as a "one cab" solution, but it just doesn't do it for me, which is why I'm considering going back to 10's again.
  3. Do you have the 2x12 Stu, the reason I ask is because I haven't actually purchased the 2x10 yet, and I'm wondering whether the 2x12 could be a "one cab" solution? I've owned 2x12 cabs in the past, but I tend to like the tightness of 2x10's.
  4. I'm thinking about adding a second Genzler cab to go with a Genzler Nu Classic NC-210T I know it's all subjective, but I would like to hear your thoughts on what generally works best with a 2x10 cab. I have listed the specs of all the Genzler Nu Classic cabs available below. I will be using a Genzler Magellan 800 Head. NC-210T Vertical column design, punchy lows, vocal mid clarity, high end gloss. 2 X 10” w/Tweeter 500W / 8 ohms Frequency Response / 47-14K Hz Sensitivity 1W/1M / 98 dB Crossover Frequency / 4.7K Hz 26.25”H X 16.5”W X 15.5”D 39 LBS NC-112T Vertical design, round, deep lows, smooth mids and top end sparkle 1 X 12” w/Tweeter 300W / 8 ohms Frequency Response / 43-14K Hz Sensitivity 1W/1M / 96 dB Crossover Frequency / 4.7K Hz 20.5”H x 16.5”W x 15.5”D 28 LBS NC-212T Vertical design, big low freq footprint, smooth mids and top end clarity. 2 X 12” w/ Tweeter 600W / 4 ohms Frequency Response / 45-14K Hz Sensitivity 1W/1M / 99 dB Crossover Frequency / 4.7K Hz 31”H X 16.5”W X 15.5”D (STACK: NC-112T & NC-210T) 44 LBS NC-115T Vertical design, big low freq footprint, smooth mids and top end clarity. 1 X 15” w/ Tweeter 400W / 8 ohms Frequency Response / 43-14K Hz Sensitivity 1W/1M / 98 dB Crossover Frequency / 4.7K Hz 24.25”H X 16.5”W X 15.5”D (STACK: NC-112T & NC-210T) 37 LBS
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Disclaimer: This is NOT a Fender, despite the Fender logo. 😉 £295 Posted. SOLD!!! I built this bass a couple of years ago, it plays and sounds great, and the reason I'm selling it now is because I need to downsize my collection because I have far too many basses, and I hardly gig nowadays. The body is made from alder, and is a lovely olympic white that is starting to yellow a little, you would have to look very hard to find any marks on it. The pickup is a Kent Armstrong split-coil which is the exact same specs as the Fender Custom Shop 62 pickups, I have the Fender Custom Shop 62 in my other home built P bass which is also alder body and rosewood board, so I have compared them side by side and they sound identical to me. I purchased the neck from someone on Basschat, I can't remember what the make was, but its very nice and it came with the tuners which I was going to upgrade, but they work and stay in tune very well, so I kept them in the end, the frets are nicely finished, and the rosewood board is quite dark and looks lovely, its a joy to play. The bridge is exactly the same as a Gotoh 201 but without the Gotoh name stamped on it. There is a small dent/chip near the E string tuning peg (circled in photo 5), its not really that noticeable unless you already know its there. I have uploaded a couple videos where I've tried to show how versatile the bass is, from JJ Burnel to James Jameson, the only downside is that it is me playing and not the great men themselves, so please excuse my poor technique and playing, the bass you hear is the actual bass because the tracks have had the original bass removed. Nice n Sleazy was recorded into Reaper where I messed around a bit to try and get the JJ Burnel sound. My Girl was recorded into Reaper with no effects added at all. Probably best to listen through headphones to hear the bass properly. You are welcome to come and try the bass out at my home in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Nice n Sleazy Hi Res).mov My Girl.mov
  7. I have arthritis in both thumbs and had a Trapeziectomy operation on my left thumb where they removed the small piece of bone that sits between the base of the thumb and the wrist, they put an artificial piece in there but it was so painful afterwards that they took it out six months later, and instead used a piece of my tendon rolled up to act as a buffer in the joint. I decided not to have the operation on my right thumb because it didn't seem to have been a success, and it took a number of years for the pain to subside, but now it is less painful and more flexible than my right thumb, so maybe I should have gone ahead with the op on my right thumb. I also have arthritis in my fingers but I find it helps to keep playing as much as possible because the movement involved playing bass or guitar is great exercise for the fingers, and I find that when I don't play for a few days, the pain gets worse. If you can, try to stay positive, because I am now seventy and I am still playing, albeit, with some discomfort and some restrictive movement. Good luck.
  8. That's true, it doesn't say Precision anywhere on it, but it's a P to me 🙂 The Fender PJ I owned a few years ago had Precision on the headstock, so it must be a P 😉
  9. Yep, but, my Lakland that is the same shape as a P, and has just a split coil pickup is more like a P than a Fender PJ 😏
  10. I guess it's really hard to say what makes a P a P to be honest. I've had many precisions over the years, most of them Fenders, but I'm now into Lakland precisions and I love them, they look like P's apart from the headstock, they play and sound great, just like a P 😉
  11. Which body shape, original "slab" body, or later "cutaway" body? 🤔 Which headstock shape, original "tele" shape, or later "standard' Fender shape? 🤔 Which pickup, original "single coil pickup, or later "split-coil" pickup? 🤔
  12. That seems to be the general consensus of opinion so far, but I have four P basses and they all have J width nuts, and some late 60's and early 70's P basses had J width nuts. I'm still confused, lol. 🤔
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Don't know why, but I was totally captivated by this song and video
  15. Ah, I must have missed it, not that's it's a problem, I was just getting a bit confused in my old age. 🤔
  16. I'm asking about pairing a BF Two10s with a BF One10t, not sure where the 12" comes in? 🤔
  17. That's what my limited understanding of ohms led me to think, but I wasn't sure, so thanks for that advice. 👍
  18. This is the setup, which for someone who knows nothing about how heads and cabs work, is confusing to me. 🤔 The Rumble is switchable 8/4 or 2 ohms The Two10s is switchable 4 or 12 ohms The One10t is 8 ohms
  19. I suppose I could always just use the One10t (unconnected), as a riser for the Two10s, it would certainly look the part. 😉
  20. I have a Barefaced ONE10t mainly for home practise, and I have just purchased a Barefaced TWO10s for gigging. My question is: Could I use them both together when gigging? They will probably be driven by a Fendle Rumble 800 head.
  21. She is a bit like Marmite to many people, but I liked her, and yes, I fancied her like mad in my youth. 😉
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