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  1. Thanks for the reply just to clarify I will use a second bass tuned to CGCF constantly so it won’t be going it between tunings
  2. Ok, so I’m a four string bass man, don’t want a 5 string so that’s not an option I normally play ernie balls 100 80 65 45 which is fine for 95% of what I play but for some of the songs in the set I need to detune to CGCF and the 100 string is terribly floppy by this stage so what gauge string would be good for winding down to C, Ernie ball make a 110 90 75 55 set would this be better or should I look at a 5 string set and not use the lightest
  3. I wouldn’t say a lot theyve done a fair few and always been 110% reliable. Other than some mild Tolex scuffing they are good condition speaker grills nice and tidy and no dents
  4. New Year Bump In disbelivement that no ones snapped these up
  5. I’d say 2x S112s 😁😁😁
  6. Agreed. Can’t beat 1x 12s for ease of transport 😉😉
  7. They are my TKS S112s for sale and they were superb with both a TH500 and Mark Bass 500 i spent the day trialing them in the showroom, I rated them better than the Aguilar SL series and nearly as nice as the GS, but way better priced I also ran them against GK 12s and Hartke 12s and these suited my needs and sound better The advantage of the 2x cabs is you have plenty for larger gigs, but can reduce to just one if needed, I have done pub gigs with just one cab and only used for one for rehearsals as well 😉 I am only selling as I have moved up to a mark bass 800 and an 800w 4x10 due to the size of stages we are now playing, and want the cash for fender Jazz I have my eye on 😮 else they would be keepers
  8. Come on people I want to buy a Fender Jazz 😁😁😁 great price for highly rated cabs
  9. It is indeed the price for both. Would make a lovely Xmas gift I’m sure 😀😀
  10. Here we have a set of much loved and sought after TKS S112 cabs 250w 8ohm cabs with both vertical and horizontal configuration feet fitted perform amazingly with a range of class D amps, I used a Little Mark and a tonehammer 500 with them 1x cab has the Tweeter fitted and 1x is without good conditon with no rips or tears, just some light scuffing on covering, both have the custom TKS padded covers as well pickup is Swindon or Bristol, but maybe able to meet somewhere nearby
  11. Come on bass people take the plunge on a great set of 12s
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